5 types of jeans you need to own

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Jeans are super comfortable and practical and most probably you already own at least one pair in your wardrobe.

From skinny jeans to denim culottes you might just love them all, but which are the most fashionable this year?

Let’s see which 5 types of denim pants are fashionistas mad about this season.

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The black jeans

If how to wear black jeans is one of your fashionable questions, then don’t worry because you can basically wear them with almost anything you already own. They are as versatile as the nude heels and white T-shirt and of course you could wear them even in this super timeless combination. Opt  kind of for a pair of super skinny black jeans, maybe with a coated finish to get that awesome rock and roll vibe you see at all the festivals.

The ripped boyfriend jeans

Distressed boyfriend jeans are that kind of cool any tomboy loves. From high heels to ankle boots of even sporty sneakers , with a bit of creativity you have so many options to consider that you might never thought of. A sequined top with boyfriend jeans and high heels is ideal for a night out in the club with your friends. Add a fun clutch and you are all set. For a day look, try sneakers and a simple T-shirt that you will not go wrong with.

Flared bell-bottom jeans

A chic style that never goes out of fashion. Even if you are not a boho fan, you can obtain super awesome mixes that have a country vibe on. Low waist bell bottom jeans with a simple white shirt over a contrasting lace bralette will be a killer combo for a fashionable event. Go for platform oxfords or western boots to compliment the whole outfit. A big hat with metallic embellishments will give the whole look a more stylish vibe, but you can also keep it very simple and crisp.

The white capri jeans

White jeans are classic and easy to mix and match, but why not try some capri jeans for a more fashionable look. Still. You need to consider the fact that your silhouette should be flattered by this look. Long , toned legs will surely be your asset for sporting such a pair of jeans. Wear them with platform sandals or high heel loafers and a strappy silk top. A cross body bag will be ideal in this case.

The straight blue jeans

The classic, comfortable and very basic classic jeans you can wear anywhere anytime. They are worth investing in a pair of high quality design that would last for years because they do not get out of fashion. They look great with sneakers or boots and fluffy pullovers in winter. The classic dark blue is always a good pick, but be sure to check if the color transfers. You can ruin handbags, chairs and even white walls if you tend to smudge them around.

Which is your favorite type of jeans?

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