5 Sustainable Men’s Fashion Clothing in Singapore

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It’s time to ditch that” old jeans” of yours. Sustainable men’s fashion is exploding in 2024, with approximately 68% of Gen Z men choosing eco-friendly clothing. Why look old with that outdated jacket? It’s not just about dressing but also about looking sharp and feeling good with this year’s best sustainable men’s fashion.

We at The Shirt Bar understand that men in Singapore often struggle when choosing what to wear. That’s why we have done in-depth research to bring to your attention five sustainable men’s fashions you can embrace effortlessly. So, if you want to stock up your wardrobe, the following sustainable men’s clothing is a must-have in your men’s wardrobe;

5 Sustainable Clothing Picks for Men in 2024

At Shirt Bar, Singapore’s leading destination for eco-friendly menswear, we present some of the best sustainable men’s fashion. Let’s dive into five men’s fashion pieces at our store, each designed with maximum comfort and timeless style in mind.

1. Eco-Ol Bamboo

 Eco-Ol Bamboo Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt

Are you looking for a soft, breathable polo tee that is perfect for Singapore’s warm climate? Then this Eco-Ol Bamboo shirt is exactly what you’re looking for. These tees are designed from bamboo fibers, thus providing warmth and comfort.

Generally, bamboo is a highly renewable resource that needs less water and zero pesticides to grow. This feature makes this polo tee eco-friendly, a great alternative to conventional cotton.

Therefore, feel free to boost your look with The Shirt Bar’s selection of bamboo shirts in different colors and styles at our store.

2. Eco-Ol Tencel

It is often hard to locate the ideal pants for going out or a breezy summer look. If you’re struggling to find the best pants for your open summer, The Shirt Bar got you covered. The Tencel casual pants are made of sustainable fabric that offers a luxurious feel and is good for sensitive skin.

The Eco-Ol Tencel casual pants come in a fantastic style that offers great sustainability, making them suitable for casual and formal settings.

Therefore, if you desire eco-consciousness and comfort simultaneously, tencel will match your desires effortlessly.

3. Polo Tee

 Short Sleeve Slim Fit Polo T-Shirt

The polo tee comes in handy as the perfect match for casual outings. Whether you want to pair it under a blazer for a more classic look or your next outing, a polo tee simplifies your look and makes you more refined.

These attires are designed from organic materials, thus making polo tees exemplify a long-lasting elegance with a more modern look. Therefore, by selecting organic cotton, The Shirt Bar attempts to lower the environmental impact of traditional cotton farming, which typically entails the utilization of harmful chemicals and excessive water use.

The polo tee, therefore, is a must-have wardrobe essential every man must have in 2024.

4. Casual Pants

Slim Fit Casual Pants

Whether you desire slim-fit chinos or joggers, causal pants provide you with the best taste. Similarly, they are crafted with both sustainability and look in mind. Additionally, they are made from sustainably sourced fabrics, thus making them accessible and durable

We prioritize organic and recycled cotton, thus making our causal pants more sustainable in the industry. Whether you’re heading out for weekend adventures or casual outings, these shorts are essential for the modern man who cares about both fashion and the environment.

5. Shorts

Khaki Stretch Cotton Shorts

Do you want to sport environment-friendly shorts while keeping cool with the sustainable shorts offered by The Shirt Bar? One unique aspect about these casual shorts is that whether they’re made from organic hemp or reused materials, they are designed with a focus on comfort and durability.

Using eco-friendly materials underscores The Shirt Bar’s commitment to responsible consumption without compromising style. These shorts come in as a savior if you want fantastic weekend escapades or laid-back outings. Similarly, these shorts are vital for the contemporary man who prioritizes fashion and environmental sustainability.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, the world is seriously conscious of the environmental impact. So, subscribing to sustainable men’s fashion clothes isn’t just a trend but a devotion to a brighter future. If you’re looking forward to contributing positively to the environment around you, we at The Shirt Bar have got you covered.

We have discussed some ideal men’s fashions to embrace this year. If that’s what you want, visit The Shirt Bar website today and explore our curated selection of eco-friendly fashion essentials.

Together, let’s make sustainability the new standard in men’s fashion!

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