Tips for hiding Back Fat

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Every woman likes to look good in their dress of choice without having to worry about issues such as back fat. One major mistake that women make is not dressing for their bodiessuch as wearing clothes that are too tight.  If sizing isn’t the problem, there are ways to help hide it, so you are comfortable. The following four tips work for any body type to ensure that you achieve that smooth silhouette that you want.

Back Smoothing bra

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This type of bra is specially made to smooth your back so no more back fat and bumps. It comes with thicker straps and band than your average bra, so it completely covers your back fat. However, you need to get a perfect fit for it to work so pay attention to the sizing when purchasing. One that is too small will give you additional bulges while one that is too big won’t do anything for you. It is also better if the best back smoothing bra for back fat is seamless as that ensures your back is completely smooth.


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Shapewear that goes all the way up to just under your breasts should entirely hide any back fat and prevent spillover. You can also wear a full body or vest type of shapewear. It works by smoothing over any lumps and bumps that you may have which includes back fat. The shapewear that you buy should also be seamless since this prevents it from creating more bulges. Make sure that it is perfectly fitting not too tight or lose and your problem with back fat as well as a muffin top will be sorted.

Empire waist dresses

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An empire waist dress is a plus size woman’s best friend because it doesn’t show any back fat as well as a muffin top. However, you don’t have to be a plus size for the empire waist to work for you. You only need to ensure that the waist is well fitting right below your bust. It will cover a large part of your back fat and with a well-fitting bra it the back fat should be completely invisible.

Loose fitting V-shape back

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The V-shaped back has an elongating effect to your back, so it conceals the back fat. Ensure that it is loose fitting so that the bulges are not too visible. Don’t worry about it being unflattering since the V-shaped back looks good on any body type. This look is even between when you choose a dark color, and you pair it with some light bottoms. It works for all body types and shapes.

If you want to hide back fat successfully, it is vital that you understand your body very well. Avoid tight-fitting clothes and go for well-fitting ones. Dark colors have a slimming effect, and they also help with concealing that area. However, a well-fitted bra with a thick band should solve all your problems and allow you to wear whichever clothes you want.

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