Why is Kundan Jewelry so Special?

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Kundan jewelry is famous for its traditional and royal look. It gives an instant upgrade to your look with a very Imperial design. Indian brides are known to wear heavy Kundan Necklaces for their weddings. Kundan makes excellent bridal jewelry that you can cherish for life. It is one of the most loved Indian gemstone jewelry which showcases an amazing, elaborated form of art.


Kundan Jewelry is mainly inspired by Mughal craftsmanship and originated from the royal courts of Rajasthan in the Mughal era. It is also known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewelry historically made in Jaipur. Also, the word Kundan implies highly refined gold. The process of making Kundan jewelry involves setting polished precious or semi-precious stones within the metal foil. This metal could be gold, silver, or any other depending on the budget.

Why Kundan jewelry can never go out of style –

Here are some of the reasons-

Fine Craftsmanship

Kundan jewelry is the best work of fine craftsmanship. In the Mughal era, smiths and craftsmen would display their best Kundan works which gave origin to the incorporation of many precious stones and diamonds in Kundan jewelry. 

Making Kundan jewelry is not a simple job. It requires a great amount of skill and talent to create such masterpieces. All kinds of stones like topaz, sapphire, diamonds, emeralds, and ruby are used to fit into the Kundan framework. Also, Kundan meenakari is an artistic job that requires a lot of talent, making this jewelry more special.

Exquisite Beauty

The shine and radiance of Kundan jewelry can not be resisted. The ornaments created with Kundan work hold a special place in the Indian jewelry market. Every jewelry piece screams royalty when worn with the proper traditional outfit. Kundan jewelry can be matched with the color of what you wear as they are made with different kinds of glass, stones and gems. This makes Kundan jewelry more attractive.

Versatile Jewelry 

Kundan jewelry is very vibrant and can add grace to wearers’ faces in an instant. Due to its versatile nature, it can blend with any kind of outfit effortlessly. From dazzling gold and sparkling diamonds to beautiful meenakari, Kundan jewelry gives a whole package of charisma and appeal.

Inexpensive Jewelry

Although this type of jewelry with real gold and precious stones is on the higher end of the price, with technology you can get the exact appearance of Kundan at a very low price. Imitation Kundan Jewelry is easily available in the market, giving everybody a chance to enjoy the beauty of this phenomenal jewelry. Try to find the best stores that deal in Designer Imitation Kundan jewelry. 

A lot of Variety

Let’s talk about the variety you can get in Kundan jewelry which makes it special among buyers. Necklaces, earrings, matha Patti, tikka, nose pins, anklets, you name it you can get it in Kundan. All these options allow buyers to make a good choice. You can also get customized Kundan jewelry pieces according to your preference. 

It is always better to invest in good-quality Imitation Kundan jewelry as it will not lose its charm easily. Amazel Designs have a huge variety of Kundan jewelry at their online store. You can check their collection and order some beautiful pieces for yourself and your loved ones. If you are residing in Canada or the USA, you can get many exciting offers too.

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