Which Precious Metal Is Best for Your Bangles and Bracelets?

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Bangles and bracelets are one of the most popular and important fashion accessories, and no sleeveless outfit would be complete without one. They draw attention to the arms and hands, but when chosen correctly can also form a perfect complement to your apparel. Bangles needn’t be expensive, and they can of course be fun and funky. This can work perfectly with a bright, colorful outfit on a summer’s day, but if you’re attending a formal occasion, or celebrating an important life event, then a bangle, bracelet or band made of precious metal can be a perfect choice. Here’s our guide to help you decide which metal is best for you.

1. Platinum

Platinum is the pinnacle of precious metals, but it comes with a price tag to match. It can be similar in appearance to silver, but with a whiter tinge to it. It’s an incredibly tough and durable material, and it’s also extremely rare. In fact, so rare is platinum that all of this metal ever mined could fit inside a typically sized room. For that reason, it’s usually only used for smaller items of jewelry such as rings or earrings, so if you wanted a platinum bracelet you would have to purchase a bespoke item at a considerable cost.

2. Gold

The cost of a platinum bangle or bracelet means that they are rarely seen, so you may instead prefer to turn to gold. Gold has always been seen as something to aspire to, as we can see by the gifting of gold medals to Olympic winning athletes, and the use of ‘gold standard’ to describe something at the top of its field. Gold is a great statement metal for a bracelet, and it can be particularly striking if it’s inset with gemstones. As gold has also long been associated with love, it can make an ideal present for a birthday, anniversary or for Valentine’s Day.

3. Silver

Silver is perhaps the most popular base metal of all for those who want a superior quality bracelet or bangle, and there are a number of reasons for this. Some people are allergic to gold, but experience no problems wearing silver, while others find silver less ostentatious and therefore appropriate for any occasion. The purchase of wholesale silver jewelry can be a much more cost-effective option than gold, and yet it can just as beautiful, if not more so. Premium quality silver has an elegant sheen to it, and is also durable so you can wear it over and over again without having to worry about what it might come into contact with.

Platinum, gold and silver are three very different materials in terms of price, and yet all can be used for prestigious and striking bangles and bracelets. They make a great gift for a loved one, or simply as a well-deserved treat for yourself, and by purchasing the items of jewelry from a specialist online manufacturer or trader, you can make significant savings on the price you’d pay on the high street.

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