What to Look For in a Designer Engagement Ring

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There’s so much to choose from when it comes to designer engagement rings. There’s a huge variety available with so many talented designers out there creating every kind of ring that you could think of. If you’re looking to get a designer engagement ring, this article should help you find the right ring.

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The first thing to decide is your style. Whether you like traditional, vintage styles or more modern twists, knowing what you like will help narrow down your choices when looking at designers. Verragio, for example, specialises in modern, elegant European inspired styles that stand out in every ring. Barry Verragio, the founder, is well known for his love of curves in jewellery, and this is clear to see in so many of his rings. The 14k white gold Verragio Renaissance 905R6 three-stone diamond engagement ring is the perfect example of Verragio’s work, pictured here. The delicate curves featured on the band of the ring along with the detailing of the melee diamonds make this ring incredibly elegant. Costing only $2,650, this ring has the designer label, but not the sky-high designer price.

If you prefer an older style, then A.Jeffe is the perfect choice. These rings have an heirloom style with a chic, everyday twist, balancing perfectly between classic and modern. Each of their rings can be customised for the wearer, so you know that you’ll come away with a ring that you’re thrilled with. Not only that, but it is unique to your taste. Their main design focus is to make sure that every ring can be admired from every angle, ensuring that your ring will be dazzling from every possible view. The 14k white gold A.Jaffe ME2252Q diamond engagement ring pictured here is a stunning piece, with a decorative band leading up to the solitaire set diamond in the centre. Priced at $2,180, this ring is perfectly suited for anyone who wants a classic style with a designer flair.

You also want to keep in mind your budget when you’re picking your engagement ring. Prices range massively, so whatever your budget may be there will be a ring that fits it. The 14k white gold Ritani 1RZ7286 knife-edge solitaire engagement ring is a beautiful ring, simplistic but stylish, only costing $235, proving that a designer ring doesn’t have to break the bank.

If your budget is high, then there’s also a range of rings that will fit into that too – the 18k white gold Tacori HT2551RD petite crescent triple row diamond engagement ring is a very fancy piece, with three stunning diamond filled bands leading up to a stunning round centre-diamond. Costing $8,880, this ring is definitely in the higher range of designer pieces, but perfect for anyone who likes to combine classic and class.

Overall, if you’re looking into designer engagement rings, there’s a few things to consider. Knowing what style and budget you’re working with will help you pick the right designer, and then to find the perfect ring in their ranges.

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