What to expect when hiring photo booth pros?

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Leading up to your wedding, clear communication proves critical in finalizing photobooth details. Reputable companies assign you a dedicated event coordinator who contacts you directly via phone calls, emails, or texts on your preferred channels. Expect them to be easily reachable throughout the planning, promptly answering questions to alleviate any unknowns about their offerings or your vision. As the big day nears, they’ll also proactively reach out to confirm times, location specifics, and final photo booth layout requests. Having a point person through the finish line makes pulling off a seamless booth experience effortless.  

Extensive options and customization

Top-tier photobooth companies help you get creative showcasing your unique wedding style through personalized offerings. Look for vendors with extensive backdrop options luxe sequined curtains, flower walls, and velvet drapes alongside loads of silly props. Also, expect robust printing capabilities like customized photo strip templates, signature logos, date stamps, and design filters built-in. Today’s vendors offer state-of-the-art interactive features rivaling social media capabilities sure to dazzle your guests.  

Pro equipment and set up 

Logistically, reputable vendors oversee the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your wedding hassle-free! Their team transports professional equipment like DSLR cameras, ring lights, touch-screen tablets, and delicate decor elements. Expect them to also provide all necessary cables, and extension cords, so you don’t stress sourcing these tricky items yourself. Bonus points if they bring portable power sources or batteries to position booths anywhere avoiding location limitations. During set up, their experienced staff then seamlessly stages the photobooth area you envisioned without interfering with other vendor setups or overwhelming limited venue space. 

Expect enthusiastic yet courteous hosts who blend into party vibes while proactively addressing needs. For example, tidying disheveled props, adjusting lights, monitoring printer paper levels, and properly storing completed prints are musts. Having an extra set of hands troubleshooting any issues behind the scenes further prevents you or guests from noticing any logistical hiccups. Depending on your desired photo booth activities, onsite hosts also facilitate special offerings like scrapbooks, video captures, and activity facilitation.  

Post-event digital delivery

After your wedding day wraps, reputable photobooth companies swiftly get your memories organized online for convenience. Expect a user-friendly digital gallery featuring all photo strip files plus any videos compiled into shareable downloads. If shot lists were captured or guest book signings occurred, also expect meticulously scanned materials professionally packaged for you to reference easily. For memories, you wish to enlarge into wall art or customize further, request higher resolution digital originals. Top companies eagerly provide creative suites or preferred vendor recommendations to elevate images into framed masterpieces.  

Stress and hassle-free experience

When you pay for professional photobooth services, peace of mind should be included. Aligning with an experienced team laser-focused on optimizing your wedding guest experience alleviates having to micromanage yet another detail yourself. Expect amiable yet attentive communication, willingness to customize offerings exactly how you envision plus proactive measures anticipating any needs even before they arise. With the right photo booth partner creatively catering and strategically executing all aspects behind the scenes, you get to purely enjoy your big day while they handle the rest. For any additional information you might need, check out


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