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What eyes says with an eye makeup?

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They say that it’s way difficult to divert your focus from the beautiful eyes of the women. Indeed! They speak the truth. To look into beautiful eyes is just like to feeling the serenity when you see a nice snowcapped mountain. And when those beautiful eyes get done with Eye makeup for teens, it’s even more attention seeking. Fluttering the lashes with a wonderful mascara, adding a gold palette of eye shadow, sounds so fantastic. Eye makeup makes your eyes look bigger. I personally love a flicked eyeliner, with a brown and golden mix of eyeshadow. This is my perfect way to do my eyes. The artificial eyelashes, yet another beauty to the eye is something I use in a wedding party. As weddings are always an invitation and keep on going throughout the year, we women really need to keep our makeup kits set to ready to go.

I love tween makeup kit from Petite ‘n Pretty as they have seriously become my favorite. I don’t feel I am wearing makeup when I apply the makeup from Petite ‘n Pretty. They make me look so natural. I recently bought some eyeshadow and blush for the cheek to do my eyes for a wedding party. Damn! I have completely fallen for this 9021- SNOW Eye and cheek pallet. It has such an amazing touch that I cannot wait to apply with other non-toxic makeup from this brand.

This 9021- SNOW has it all, you need not buy the eye shadows separately as they have got matte, shimmer, satins, my very favorite duo-chrome sparkles, and a holographic highlighter too. Isn’t it so much in just one pack? There are no small or big particles left of the mica, it’s just so perfectly milled, and it all feels so smooth on the eyes. (Do try the golden one, it’s more than amazing). It has even got an oil blend to give a mixed, properly blended touch on the eyes. For the cheek, it has got a beautiful nude pink blush; this is seriously the product you are going to die for.

The 9021- SNOW from Petite ‘n Pretty eyeshadow and cheek palette is super safe for the teen girls, and they are surely going love them. Its vegan, phthalate free, non-toxic makeup, gluten free and paraben free as well, all that is needed for a safe makeup. Unboxing this product from Petite’n Pretty really took my heart. It has got a very cute packaging which is very attractive for the kids and the mother as well. One can get a 9021 SNOW set of makeup brush too, to get a perfect eye and cheek makeup done without any help of the makeup artist.

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