What does the ankh symbol mean?

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During selecting the right pendant for your necklace it is worth to pay especially attention at the meaning of the given symbol. Why? There are many reasons. It is important not to give offense anyone or to believe in the symbol that is hanging on your neck. It is totally pointless to wear something that you totally disagree with or you simply do not understand. This article will focus on the popular symbol – ankh and will provide some information where to purchase it.

  1. Ankh – the meaning of the pendant
  2. Where to purchase pendants and other jewellery in reasonable prices?

Ankh – the meaning of the pendant

Ankh also well-known as “crux ansata” and “Egyptian cross”. It is believed that in Egyptian mythology it was a hieroglyph that means life. Anch in ancient Egypt was a symbol of fertility its shape symbolized the female womb. It was a symbol of life and therefore it was worn by people who would like to have a prosperous and eternal life. It was also a sign-amulet protecting both the mortal life and the afterlife. Nowadays, it is given mystic and magical significance.

The design of ankh necklace resembles a large “T” letter with a loop or circle that was held by the gods at the top. It has become the Egyptian symbol of life and all eternal living deities. At present, many people still believe in the symbols and beliefs of ancient Egypt and in immortality as well as eternal health. 

Moreover, ankh was a symbol of a key. It was one of the necessary elements of equipment for the tombs of the great rulers. According to the ancients, it was the key that opened the door of the deceased to eternal life in the afterlife. 

Where to purchase pendants and other jewellery in reasonable prices?

If you love the meaning of ankh and there is nothing wrong with loving it, you may consider purchasing the ankh necklace. The necklaces are designed to bring luck and to be fashionable at the same time. They may be purchased in one of the online stores where the high quality necklaces are available. There are numerous reasons to choose this solution. They are following:

– life-time guarantee – if something wrong with your ankh necklace happens, you may be certain that it will be repaired without any additional expenses.

– huge selection of necklaces and pendants – the online store that only focuses on selling necklaces may provide the biggest offer of those piece of jewellery in comparison with other jewellery’s including the local jewellery’s store.

– excellent price – the price of goods purchased online is always lower due to lack rental space in the busy street in the city centre.

As it can be seen pendants can have different meanings. They may be also important for some people who may live thousands kilometres from you. When it comes to ankh, it is very special. It was notice even by Egyptians who are believed to be a very developed civilization. If you also want to have a good life on the Earth and even better afterlife, then you should purchase ankh pendants.


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