What Are The Usual Jewelry Repairs And How To Get Them Fixed?

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Jewelry is vulnerable to wear and tear, especially if you are using it on a daily basis. It is a good idea to get it repaired from the best jewelry stores in Albuquerque before it gets damaged more or the decorative bits fall off and goes missing.  Make sure to collect any bits that fall to the ground, as the expert in jewelry repair Albuquerque will be able to use them during repair.

Here is a guide to understand the process for jewelry repair tempe az better, so that you know what to expect from jewelry repair Albuquerque, so that you can get the best repair service.

  • Ring Sizing– This is the most common jewelry repair tempe az. The jeweler will determine your finger size and fix the ring exact to your size. This repair is necessary to make your ring stay appropriate on your finger.  To keep your fingers safe, your ring should be easy to glide on and take a little wave to come off. If it is very tight on your fingers, then it is time to resize your ring. In case, if you are unable to remove the ring off from your fingers, visit the nearest jewelry repair Albuquerque, they will help you take it off.

In the above situation, the goldsmith first cuts a small gap at the bottom of the shank. Depending on the need, the goldsmith will add suitable amount of metal or cut down and solder the metal together if it is very flowing. Finally they polish the ring and make it look new.

  • Prong Repair – Prongs help hold your gemstones in place. With regular usage, the metal holding becomes fragile or breaks off. Prong repairs usually have less metal that holds your gem in place. Meaning, there are chances that the gemstone could potentially fallout if the prong wears out. If the gemstone moves when you touch it, always have an eye on it. Or get it examined frequently by a jeweler under a scope.

The restoration usually depends on the damage that is caused to the prong. The goldsmith either balls up a small piece of metal or heats up the prong and solders a new metal to take the apt shape of the tip.

  • Chain Repair – The chain might break or come apart overtime. People rarely notice the jump rings on the chain that wears out steadily. These jump rings are the small circles that hold the clasp and chain together. If the chain breaks, the goldsmith usually repairs it using the same type of metal and solders them back together. In case, if the clasp is broken, it is fixed with a new clasp.

Instead of worrying over your broken jewelry, it is wise to conduct a regular maintenance on your jewelry. Take it to a store that deals with jewelry and watch repair Albuquerque NM. They will clean and inspect your jewelry for any fix. Ultimately, they will ensure you with a peace of mind that your jewelry is in good shape.

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