What are the Best Hats to Wear This Easter?

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With Easter right around the corner, there is usually no shortage of things to get done. But for women, one of the most enjoyable parts is getting ready for the day with a new outfit. It can be a wonderful reason to invest in a new outfit that is complete with matching shoes, purse and of course a new Easter hat.

Of all the holidays, Easter is widely known in America as one of the best days to bring out bright and colorful clothes for that special Easter church service or a special holiday or family gathering. It is also a wonderful day for women to look and feel their best.

History of the traditional Ladies Easter Hat

As tradition would have it, Easter is the perfect day to wear some of the best and brightest bonnets and hats to match their finest attire. From swanky styles and elegant fascinators to soft and simple flowery designs, there are many wonderful Easter hats for ladies of all ages to choose from. For generations, wearing Easter hats have been the delight of ladies and girls all over the world.

While women have worn hats for special occasions for centuries, the special flowery and colorful designs of Easter hats have been a tradition since the 1800s. Because Easter is always a springtime holiday, traditional Easter hats have been adorned with flowers and are a symbol of renewal to coincide with the meaning of the holiday.

The original tradition of the Easter bonnet or Easter hat adorned with flowers started at the end of the Civil War and marked that first Easter as especially important in American culture for revitalization born out of the Easter spirit.

Today’s Easter Hat Styles

Today’s Easter hats have changed from their original bright adornment of flowers. While some women still opt for beautiful hats with flowers on them, many of today’s Easter hats come in a wide variety of colors and styles that symbolize spring. In fact, the most important aspect of the Easter hat today is the bright colors and wonderful styles that accompany them.

For today’s women, sometimes the most difficult clothing decision for Easter is whether to buy an Easter hat to match a specific dress or find a stunning hat and then find a dress that matches it. The most important part of choosing a special new Easter hat for most women is how wonderful they look and feel when wearing it.

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