Ways to dazzle at your best friend’s wedding with a saree

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A wedding is the most precious moment of a person’s life. It denotes that the person along with his partner is going to step into a new journey in his life. Hence, we often try to create a memorable time at this moment. Now, if the bridegroom or the bride is your friend? How will you prepare yourself to get dazzled at your friend’s wedding? What would you like to wear? Will you wear opt for a saree? If yes then, how will you get yourself dressed to make yourself presentable in the ceremony? Well, the companies like Manyavar have come up with different types of sarees along with the idea of draping the saree to meet your situational need of the dress to attain the wedding ceremony.

Sarees are the most traditional yet most demanded dress in the fashion world. Whether it is a puja function or any marriage ceremony, the saree often gets suited to every occasion. It is regarded as a product that often gets treasured by every woman who often wishes to have it in her wardrobe. To get yourself ready for every occasion, all you need is the perfect draping along with some aesthetic accessories to provide an additional value. Hence, this article is coming up with different types of draping ideas which along with relevant jewellery often add extra value to your attire. Some of the draping ideas along with the saree that often led you to get dazzled at your friend’s wedding are as follows:

  1. Fuchsia green-coloured silk saree: Silk saree is regarded as the most wanted product in the fashion market. When you get confused about what to wear to your best friend’s wedding ceremony then a silk saree would be your perfect choice. Especially for the Sangeet ceremony. Silk saree along with a temple – pearl jewellery often creates an elegant look. Along with that, all you need is the jumkas and light make-over.
  2. Traditional Bengali style red trusser saree: Nowadays, the Bengali style saree draping is in trend. Getting dressed up with a red tusser saree often create a dazzling look for you to get yourself ready for the wedding party. The silky and glossiness of the saree often saree add a gleam to your beauty. All you need is some suitable ornaments like a long neckpiece, bangles and of Couse, long gorgeous jumkas. 
  3. Black designer saree: To create a trendy look, all you need is to get a black and pink coloured glossy saree. One wristlet for your hand, and of course a long gorgeous earpiece that often completes your look and gets you ready for the occasions like a friend’s marriage or any other family functions.
  4. Yellow red saree for haldi function: Haldi ceremony is regarded as the heart of the marriage ceremony, where the bride and bridegroom are being applied Haldi. Hence, this colour saree often suits you in such function. But to get dazzled even in this ceremony, all you want is a pair of long earpieces, a wristlet, and finger rings.
  5. Sensational wine saree: wine-coloured sarees often get suits for every occasion. To get the gleam up, all you need is a set of pearl chokers and an earpiece.
  6. Dhoti style blue machine embroidered saree:  For Dhoti style or Maharashtrian style saree is an ongoing trend. If you want to try some new style of saree draping for your best friend’s birthday, you can go for a dhoti style saree. 

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