Vital Tips on Avoiding Computer Eye Strain

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Today, a major amount of work is done on computers. Thus, we tend to spend long hours in front of it. It makes us more productive but simultaneously; it impacts our health negatively. Starting from tired, strained eyes; it leads to the condition called computer vision syndrome and later to some serious eye damage. However, you can combat the strain by following the below-mentioned tips.

  • It is important to get your eyes checked by an eye doctor more frequently if you use the computer too much. It would help you recognize and treat any eye disorder early and remain healthy.
  • The next important consideration is the proper placement of the computer while you are working on it. It should always be positioned directly in front of the face and at an arm’s length from it. The center of the monitor must be 4 to 8 inches below your eyes so that your neck and eyes do not get strained while reading or typing.
  • The room must have adequate lighting so that you are able to see and read clearly on the computer screen without straining your eyes.
  • It is vital that you take measures to reduce the glare and the reflection of the computer screen. One way is to install anti-glare filters on the monitor and adjust its contrast and brightness such that brightness is minimized. Another excellent and easy way is to wear computer eye strain glasses. They offer awesome protection to your eyes while you work.

Few other easy ways are to blink frequently, take regular breaks in between work, keeping the monitor clean, etc. These are all small steps that you can easily inculcate in your daily routine. Despite being small steps, they go a long way in keeping your eyes healthy and vision strong. You are less likely to face any severe eye-issue.

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