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Valentines lingerie for 11 types of couples

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There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is the sexiest holiday for both serious and not-so-serious couples. And whether your V-Day plan involves snuggling up with each other watching Netflix or a romantic weekend getaway, the best way to set the mood for the night with is by donning some sensual lingerie. We’ve got you covered with a dose of sexy inspiration no matter what kind of couple you’re part of it, be it longtime marrieds or friends with benefits , we’ve got 11 different V- Day lingerie ideas for you:

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  1. First-Timers

For a new couple who has plans of celebrating their first V-day together by getting intimate for the first time, pick up a comfy bralette and a cute pair of boy shorts in pink or red to make you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.

  1. Collegiate Couple

For the college couple, who needs to sneak some fun between all the studying and extra-curricular activities, pick up a cute heart adorned pajama set that you can even run around the dorm in.

  1. Live-In couple

It doesn’t matter if you know each other inside out and want to spend this V-day watching Netflix. Show him some love in the bedroom by slipping into a seductive pair of crotch less panties under your pajamas.

  1. Friends with Benefits

V-day with your FWB is definitely going to be more hot and heavy than romantic, so set the sexy mood by donning a barely there lacey red teddy to make sure that he can’t keep his hands off you all night long!

  1. Long-Distance couple

Whether you’re able to spend the night with your guy in person or via webcam, blow his mind away with a sexy corset and matching sexy underwear under a silky robe that he’d love to unwrap.

  1. Newlyweds

The newly hitched should go all out their way on their first V-Day. Go for a sexy 3 piece set with the works like a lacey red or black bustier, matching thong and garter belt to celebrate being married.

  1. Expectant couple

If you’re too pregnant to wear lacy barely there lingerie, get into the V-Day spirit by donning a fun heart-covered Pajama set that keeps your baby bump comfy and makes you look adorable.

  1. Longtime Married couple

After years and years of celebrating V-Day with your guy, spice things up this sexy holiday with a sultry red satin bra with matching briefs and a garter.

  1. On-Again and Off-Again couple

If you’re in a relationship that’s always ‘complicated, don a simple barely there slip so that you can have the talk comfortably after a naughty night.

  1. One-Night Stand

If this V-day you’re out on the prowl, wear a  practical yet push up bra in racy red sexy that you can still wear long after you’ve bid farewell to your fling.

  1. Just Friends

If you’re single and want to spend this V-day watching a movie with your friends or a girly sleepover, pick up some cute boy shorts and a tank top in a cute color.


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