Use of the Polypro Woven bags for You

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The “polypro” or polypropylene advertising bags are reusable durable shopping bags. They are solid and recyclable. But do you know what they are made of? Do you know the different models?

To help you choose the right polypropylene tote bag, we are presenting the advantages of this material, which has gradually taken the place of nylon.

What are the characteristics of a polypro advertising bag?

Polypropylene is a material used both as a thermoplastic and as a fiber. In the latter case, it can be woven and offers the same advantages of waterproofing and ease of personalization as nylon.

The manufacture of a polypropylene bag goes through the process of extruding the polypropylene beads. This is a step that we showed you in the video illustrating our article on bioplastic bags.

Once this extrusion phase is finished, the polypropylene is transformed into a wire, more or less thick, according to the use that one wishes to make of it.

The woven polypropylene fiber bags are particularly resistant and suitable for transporting heavy and bulky objects. This is the case of construction bags, which all use this material. It is very easily printable. Polypro also has the advantage of offering a wide choice of personalization.

The last major advantage of the polypropylene bag, and not the least, is its ecological aspect. A polypro bag must be made of 80% recyclable material, an advantage to combine with its very competitive cost price. Unlike plastic packaging, it is then reusable.

Polypro bags have handles, side gussets and also a bottom in order to be able to place bulky and / or heavy objects.

Woven or non-woven bag?

The woven polypropylene bag is the most used type of bag in mass distribution because it is the best alternative to plastic bags. It is woven in thin polypropylene strips (from 2mm to 3mm thick) crisscrossed in them and forming squares of approximately 3 mm per side.

To ensure the solidity of the bag, a thin layer of plastic is then affixed to the woven mesh. This gives the bag a matt or shiny appearance.

This process forms a very compact and very solid mesh, visible to the naked eye and giving the bag a more rigid appearance. This bag is waterproof and fully washable.

Woven polypropylene tote bag

The non-woven polypropylene bag offers the same ecological advantages as the woven bag but has a softer appearance than the latter because the fibers that compose it have been pressed instead of being woven together.

The result is that of a honeycomb fabric on which a film coating can be applied. The more qualitative aspect of this polypropylene bag will allow it to be used to make a nice personalized and reusable shopping bag. It therefore highlights a brand, a brand or a local business.

Woven polypropylene bag (PP woven)

The polypropylene weaven bag  is waterproof both outside and inside. This reusable bag has a rigid and very resistant appearance like the blue Ikea bags.

We can design your personalized bag with matt or glossy lamination. Optionally we make it with long handles instead of or in addition to short handles. This durable shopping bag can be used more than 200 times. These are products that can often be found at supermarket checkouts.

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