Types of backpacks that are worth every penny!

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Backpacks are an essential unit in everyone’s life whether a school student, college-goer, or a working adult. Those times must still be fresh in your memory when after the end of each school year you used to go to the market with your parents and siblings to buy new school bags. With the increasing access to technology, people have started buying the backpacks online. There are so many variations in the styles, colours, and designs of the bags available on the websites like the bewakoof.com, amazom.com, flipkart.com, Jabong etc. that you’ll get confused which one to buy and which to leave.

You need to be quite specific about your requirements while you are shopping for the backpack. The purpose for which it will be used shall be known to you beforehand. A school child will require school bags to keep the books and the other items needed in the school. On the other hand, a hiker or trekker might need a rucksack or an overnight backpack. So before buying bags of any kind, you should be well-aware of the fact that how much load will it carry, or whether it is to be used daily or occasionally.

Read this post to know about the type of backpacks and their uses. Let’s get started.

The mini backpacks

There are a variety of mini backpacks available on the Internet. They can be used for two purposes – one for college and other for a single day outing. These mini bags do not have more compartments. Just one or two with a small pocket on the front. With respect to the size, these bags are perfect for the college students as they need to carry some books and other important accessories. And if you are heading for a day’s trek or any other adventure these bags will accommodate all your belongings without any hassle. Also, the material used for making most of these bags is waterproof and therefore you need not worry about the rainy season too. Among these daypacks, there are some bags which have a flap at their opening. This is just a new format. It serves the same purpose but with a style.

The laptop backpacks

Then we have these bags which are used to carry laptops. If you are working in an IT company, you might need to carry laptops with you every day. It is good if you have laptop bags to carry the laptop. It will save the laptop from breakage. These bags are generally made of rexine and are easy to carry as they have adjustable straps. Also, buying a laptop bags can serve other purposes too. These bags have two compartments. You can keep the laptop in one and other items in the second one. These laptop bags have made carrying a laptop an easy task for the office folk.

The Backpacking bags

These bags are much larger in size and have an internal or external frame fitted to them. They are meant to be carried for mountaineering and other trekking activities. They also have a hip belt to give extra support during trekking. These bags have lots of separate compartments where you can keep different items like the clothes, eatables, drinks, medicines, etc.

Each of the types of the bags mentioned above is worth their value if you buy them from bewakoof.com at the most reasonable prices. Just use them for the purpose of which you have bought the bag and you’ll see that they have much more to give you than the price paid for these bags.

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