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Top bold ways to wear pastel pink hair

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Bright hair seems to be trending in the beauty industry recently, out of all the colors it’s the pastel pink seems to be trending the most. Now, this can seem intimidating to many as the color may not match everyone’s skin tone, but when done right it can end up looking really fabulous. This is one of the shades that are not very “in your face” but is still less jarring than a bright red. To know more you can visit

This shade is one that can go with any style, be it preppy, classic, pop, rock, grunge and urban chic and the list can go on! While daring or loud colors can add some edge to your style, pink is also feminine and soft. The light hues of pastel pink and rose gold are almost invisible- and great if you work in a traditional environment but still want to rock your pink tresses. Stay in shades of pink that compliment your skin tone for the look that suits you the best. If you have warm undertones go for reddish or more peachy shades, if you have neutral undertones try rose or pastel pink shades. If you have cool undertones try rosy, violet type, or magenta shades.

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As part of the post hair care routine, it’s very important that you invest in a good color preserving conditioner and shampoo, along with a hydrating mask that you can use once or twice a week. Getting a pink color means your strands have gone through some heavy duty chemical treatments.

Grunge style:

The ombre color has four trends that are all rolled in one, and the end result is awesome! The hair color goes from silver gray roots and transitions into pretty faded pastel pink in between. The messy waves and choppy bob will add some extra definition and edge to a grunge rock look.

Pretty and vibrant:

With this style there is no hair that will seem out of place, it includes a very precise style. The blunt bob cut is supposed to be sleek and straight; the ombre color goes from a bright pink near the crown and then fades into a warm but light shade of blonde at the ends. This look is high maintenance but it will be really worth it.

Rose pink ombre hair:

This style is beautiful; the dark roots of blonde ombre transition are taken up a notch with purplish pink rosy hues that look lush and shiny when styled as full beach waves. The way the ombre color is done by keeping the natural color of the roots will give you a little more time between touch ups which is actually a blessing.


As you have read that pink can come in various hues and needn’t just be one shade, you can decide on the hue that suits your skin tone the most. From deeper shades to lighter blonder shades, either way, the shade looks amazing as an overall shade or even as highlights. Just make sure that you have a proper hair care routine in place and you can flaunt your pretty pink locks.

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