Top 5 Trending Nightwear One Cannot Deny

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Nothing comes close to the relief we feel after sinking into our bed in our snug nightwear and drifting off into our dreamland. After an exhausting day at work or college, the thought of good sleep keeps us going on most days. 

And so no matter what we wear during the day, be it a tight pair of jeans or a jumpsuit or trousers, at night, we only want the softest, most comfortable and airy clothes to wear. Where in the earlier days, long nighties were pretty much the only option that women had, the recent trends have seen the rise in the popularity of a lot of different, fun types of nightwear. 

Keep scrolling for a list of 5 of these comfiest and also trending nightwear items that you will not be able to deny:

  • Babydoll

A babydoll is easily the cosiest and the most sensual type of nightwear available for women. It is a loose-fitting, flowy garment that cinches at the underbust and accentuates a woman’s curves offering maximum comfort. Available in soft materials like satins, silks, lace, and cotton, a babydoll is perfect for those special occasions. A babydoll is also the ideal undergarment to wear under dresses. 

  • Cotton Pyjamas

Cotton is the go-to material for any sleepwear as it is airy, breathable and keeps sweat and any irritation caused by it at bay. Cotton pyjamas are loose pants with elasticated waists that come with a matching shirt, sleeveless or half sleeved. These are a more modest option than a babydoll but are equally comfortable. Also an excellent choice to wear as loungewear, these cotton pyjamas are available in the most vibrant prints and even soft pastel solids. 

  • Chemise

We’re sure you must have come across a name while watching some of your favourite period dramas. A chemise or shift used to be an undergarment meant to be worn under elaborate gowns and corsets to avoid chafing and bruising. It is a loose, mid-thigh length undergarment/ sleepwear with spaghetti straps made of thin, soft, smooth and airy materials like cotton, muslin, silk and satin. It is chic, feminine, sensual and breezy. 

  • Shorts and tank tops

A combination you will surely fall in love with, a pair of booty shorts or loose-fitting shorts paired with cotton or satin tank tops or vests, make for the most excellent sleepwear. They look fun, can be worn for a quick night walk to the park, and offer maximum comfort to deep, restful sleep

  • Camisoles and capris

Another combination best suited for those with young and spirited hearts, camisoles, mid-calf length, or knee-length, will help you stay relaxed throughout the night. These are also available in fun and cute matching sets and the most breathable fabric.


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