Tips To Select the Right Shirts for Men in India

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Choosing the right shirt is very important. Especially if you are going for a formal meeting or a party, your appearances do matter a lot. When one is choosing a shirt for themselves, one has to consider several things. This is to make sure that the shirts do not make them look lackluster. Things that one should take into consideration are as follows:

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The Proper Fitting

Fitting is the first thing. Of course, you won’t like a shirt that has drooping shoulders or is ill fitting. If that happens then the interlinings and the best stitching would also fail to make any impression. So, when you choose a shirt the final fit is what will matter in the end. There are different types of fittings of the shirts. They are slim fit, skinny fit, classic fit and contemporary fit. Before you buy any specific type just give a trial to all of the shirts to find the best fitting ones.Related image

Style of the Shirt

The next important thing is style. Choose the one that will go according to your needs. The styles of shirts generally differ with different things. These are as follows:

Number of Pockets

  •    No pocket- It is generally a plain shirt and is best for formal meetings and office going.
  •    1 pocket- These are for the casual use as the person wearing the shirt can use the pocket to keep something when they are working.
  •    2 pockets- Well, it is a casual than the single pocket ones. At any cost, they are a strict no for the formal settings.


The shirts placket is a matter of choice for the user. The types of placket shirts available are French placket, traditional placket, ¾ placket, and the fly front placket.

Other things that also define the style of shirts are the back of the shirt, the different collar styles, the shirt hem and the cuff styles.

The Shirt Material

The material of the shirt is a determining factor for the shirts for mens in India. This is because India has a tropical type of climate. So, people have to choose their clothes wisely. If the material is too thick then they would not be able to wear that because of the extreme heat conditions.

A cotton shirt is thus good for the summer days rather than anything else. So, if you are staying in India then these tips will be helpful enough to find the right shirt for you.


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