Tips To Choose Your Jewelry

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Although the rules to wear jewelry are no longer as strict as in the 50s, there are some rules that will help make your look superb and not exaggerated. LYR Design gives you tips on how to choose your jewelry.

Define What You Want To Look like

It seems obvious but it is not. If you have a beautiful dress full of rhinestones the worst thing you can do is put on some huge earrings, with the necklace, the bracelet and the ring. Those dresses should have fine and sober accessories, such as a pure gold buckle or small earrings.

On the other hand, simple, elegant dresses in neutral or plain colors allow the wearer to use more eye-catching nautical jewelry. A necklace of rubies or turquoises, colored gems, will give a strong but elegant contrast.

Rigorous Label

You have to go to a super elegant dinner and you have no idea what to wear. On those occasions, fine jewelry is the custom, use gold or platinum in combination with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or pearls. If you do not have any of that, do not worry, some simple gold buckles can save you. Not that you cannot forget is that with a long dress you do not wear a watch and if you wear long earrings you should not wear a necklace.

Day or Night?

If your event is during the day you should opt for the warm colors and you can play with the semi-precious stones, an amber necklace will be very striking and cheerful. The colors you should look for are red, yellow, purple or pearl.

At night, the cold gems are your allies: blue, black and violet. Sapphires, amethysts, agates, onyx, pearls or black diamonds are the option. The green color can be used either day or night, but the jewelry has to contrast and yet complement the outfit you are wearing..

The Indispensable Ones

Whether day or night, casual or rigorous label, nothing is going to save you like a single stone diamond brooch or single pearl earrings, which you can use anywhere, time of year or event. Pearls and white diamonds are the best in this regard.

Will It Suit Your Skin Tone?

Yes your skin tone does matter while picking a jewel. Lighter toned gems like quartz, white diamond, amber etc. go well with darker skin tones whereas foe lighter skin tones amethyst, emerald, rubies are more suitable.

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