Tips to Buy Diamond Through Online

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You have more options when it comes to buying diamonds, in addition to the jewelry retailers, one can shop from home through computers, and smartphones. Before buying online or offline, make sure you consider few points that are useful for online shopping and you’ll be happy to click “buy now” with confidence.

However, considering the reviews is important while you shop, such as Blue Nile reviews which help to reduce your stress and feel relaxed after placing the order.

1. Search and research

The first and the foremost step starts for the purchase are with the researching options. Learn the aspects that are associated with the diamond, such as 4Cs – cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. This determines the important qualities of the diamonds and helps to decide as per your budget, which guides you well during the diamond purchase.

2. Keep eye on the specifications

Make sure what you’re looking for when you’re surfing online because some websites show a difference in diamond carat weight, clarity, and color. Ensure you know the stone value well before placing the order and look for proper a specification that covers the 4Cs and never compromise on the quality.

How is 4Cs defined?

Color – D to Z scale measures the diamond color, compares it with the master gemstones under many controlled viewing conditions.

Clarity – It’s a relative absence of blemishes and inclusions. The grades depend upon the size, position, number, relief, and inclusions nature that can be viewed less than 10 x magnifications.

Cut – Diamond cut can sometimes affect the diamond look. The workmanship is asked to cut the diamond in its symmetry, proportions, and polished maximize brightness, and scintillation.

Carat weight – The diamonds are usually sold by their weight. One carat equals to 0.20 grams and 1,000 diamonds weigh more than one carat.

3. Diamond report card

Each diamond comes with different grading report that provides a balanced analysis report, which determines diamond’s 4Cs. Any diamond value is resolute by its quality, and that’s the reason 4C assessment from the third party is critical. Make sure you verify the report with the online database and it’s the convenient way to match the description available with the grading results.

4. Laser engraving

Make sure you find the diamond’s grading report number has the laser-inscribed on the girdle for security reasons.  The diamond will be inscribed can be requested at purchase time and the inscription signifies a personal message or identification symbol with the unique report number.

You can view the inscription under the microscope with 10 x magnification and helps to ensure that the diamond you have received matches with the issued report.

5. Mode of payment

If you’re buying for the first time through that particular site then it’s referred to choose cash on delivery method because certain websites might confirm your order and make delay in delivering your product.

6. Verify the seller with certain queries

After you decide what diamond suit you, make sure you consider few points to check before you buy, such as, ISO certificates, secure transactions, helpful online representatives,shipping policy, return policies, and the Blue Nile reviews.

E-commerce world has made shopping easy, but at times it has caused some unexpected mishaps. It’s better to consider reviews before you buy anything from any website.

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