The Top 10 Fashion Styles of the Season

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Designers, stylists, and editors spend every season trying to predict what the biggest fashion trends will be, as these fads can affect each and every style out there. But with so many trends in the world of fashion, it’s hard to know which ones will catch on and which will fade away. If you want to stay on top of the latest and greatest in fashion trends, take a look at our list of the top 10 fashion styles of the season right here!

1. Basic Basics

Because wearing clothes with hearts is so popular now, it’s no surprise that one of my favorite trends is basics. While you may think that what’s basic isn’t all that exciting, many different fashion styles have come from simplifying your style. Whether you take a minimalist approach to fashion or embrace a certain grunge style, you can always find ways to make basic pieces more appealing. The key is knowing how to mix and match them in order to create an outfit that fits your personal style.

2. Trendy Basics

If you’re looking for a solid foundation piece, but with a fashionable twist, look no further than trendy basics. This includes clothes with hearts or prints and accessories like necklaces and earrings. Boho style is so in right now that celebrities are even sporting brightly colored hues and bold jewelry as if it were no big deal. #3: Bling It On: Nothing says classy quite like a little bling. From studded boots to sequined sweaters, any outfit can be instantly glamorized by adding some sparkle to your ensemble.

3. Spring Florals

This season, start adding a touch of femininity to your outfit by switching out dark colors for light and pastel colors, like peach and mint. Adding florals to your clothes with hearts will create a look that’s perfect for any casual Friday evening. For example, you can take black pants, add pink accessories such as a bag or belt and then switch out your black shirt for a floral one. By creating a color palette that features pinks, yellows and peaches, you’ll be able to bring spring into your life without having to wait until summer.

4. Summer Prints

Scarves, shirts, and more. What’s summer without a cool shirt or scarf to go with your new shorts? Boho prints and florals are always a good bet when it comes to summer fashion. Try gothic patterns for a dark twist on boho style. Or how about geometric shapes in bright colors? This is one trend that never goes out of style! Pair any of these styles with some cute sandals and you’re ready to go!

5. Fall Plaids

We’re already feeling nostalgic for fall, and it’s not even summer yet. The early September weather shift has us daydreaming about plaid, which we love to pair with cool washes and light denim for a boho vibe. If you prefer your plaid in all black, try giving gothic style a shot—the harsh hues are great paired with dramatic makeup looks that are sure to catch people’s attention. Plaid also makes an appearance on our feet as well: high-top boots come in rich red or deep blue hues, making them perfect for adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.

6. Hearts Style

Adorned in lace, hearts and ruffles, boho-style looks are feminine and fun. With skirts full of feathers, petticoats and bows; or one-shoulder dresses trimmed with pearls, heirloom laces or corsets; you’ll be ready to add an extra bit of romance to any occasion. Boho style is not solely reserved for women however. Leather vests and jackets as well as western details make for a cool boho look for men as well. World of Hearts is the leading speciality store for heart-shaped clothing!

7. Shimmer and Shine

While every girl loves a good ol’ black dress, fashion trends have taken some much needed risks with gothic style. When done right, shimmery dresses and skirts are beautiful, feminine and totally in right now. Whether it’s embellished details or silver threading, you’ll stand out with a little bit of shine! Be sure to pair your new glitzy look with dramatic makeup for maximum effect. We recommend smoky eyeshadow, deep red lips and light foundation for an overall spooky look that’s still ultra-feminine. For extra effect, add layers of fake blood (yes…fake blood) to your neckline—you can even make your own by mixing corn syrup and red food coloring together. The result is a slimming shade that flatters all skin tones!

8. Silhouettes that Speak for Themselves

Gothic style is rich with texture and varied silhouettes, creating a unique sense of playfulness. Some outfits in gothic fashion use dramatic attention-grabbing designs that cover an entire outfit (or most of it), while others are more subtle, focusing on smaller details that make a bold statement in their own right. Whatever your taste is, you’ll find gothic clothing meets it here! If you want to keep things simple, classic style is always a good choice. These pieces don’t try too hard to impress—they just get down to business of looking good without making much fuss about it. And if your closet could use some new styles for fall, loose fitting silhouettes might be just what you need!

9. Textures and Patterns Galore

Remember all those menswear textures and patterns you’ve seen on runways? Well, they aren’t going anywhere, but they are getting more extreme. As a result, texture and pattern will be key elements in crafting your outfit. It can get difficult to pull off but with a bit of know-how it is possible to wear it well. Even minimalists should make room for texture or pattern in their look. A crisp white shirt with just one bold stripe or an argyle sweater worn over a solid shirt is enough to add that extra pop. However, if you want to really go there then try pairing multiple textures together like leather pants and a knit cardigan. Or maybe even some colorful socks! A little goes a long way here so don’t overdo it.

10. Bold Colors with an Edge

If you’re into high fashion and can handle a bit of edginess, then take on bold colors with an edge. The key to pulling off a bold look is to make sure that everything else about your outfit is kept simple—otherwise you risk looking like a walking traffic light! Aim for darker shades such as maroon, hunter green or deep purple—and make sure you match them up with either neutral accessories or minimal makeup.

And don’t forget the casual chic vibe. It might sound like an oxymoron, but if you pull it off correctly, casual chic can be very stylish indeed. This season, try pairing jeans with a smart shirt in a contrasting color (such as white) or pattern (such as plaid). Layer over a sweater if it gets chilly and finish off with some nice boots. You’ll be surprised how stylishly dressed down you can look!


So, there you have it. The top ten fashion styles for 2022. As with everything fashion related, don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with what works best for you and your personal style! With these ideas in mind, you should have a lot of fun trying out different looks and learning how to wear what’s in season now. Happy shopping! And don’t forget to check the heart sweaters that World of Hearts offers.

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