The Smart Suits in the Best Choices

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Whichever suit you choose, the semi-reglan is considered the most advantageous cut in the sleeves. It is very comfortable and allows you to wear not only tonic shirts under the coat, but also voluminous sweaters. Such a sleeve will be loyal to you in the event that you get better by a size or two and allow you to wear this coat. The set-in sleeve in this regard is more demanding.


Most likely, you already know that when setting out to try on a coat, you should prudently put on a warm sweater. This trick allows not only assessing the degree of comfort of the material, but also helps not to make a mistake with the size. So you can choose a suit that does not tighten in the chest, does not press in the armpits and does not form a bubble behind the back. For the big and tall suits this is the best deals.

Coat Length

A long suit sits better on tall women. If you are petite, consider knee length or just below the middle of the thigh.

Single or Double Breasted

A double-breasted suit looks more bulky. Therefore, it should be worn by slender girls. It is not suitable for those who have large breasts and excess weight in the waist area (types of shapes: “triangle with the base up”, “stable rectangle”, “oval”). A double-breasted suit is often worn when buttoned up.

A single-breasted suit can be tied with a belt at the back, on the back, so as not to form an additional horizontal at the waist. Such a suit can be worn and unbuttoned.

What does a single breasted suit look like?

  • Single breasted coat.
  • Women in a single-breasted coat, street fashion.
  • Single breasted coat, street fashion.
  • What does a double breasted suit look like?
  • Double breasted coat.
  • Suitable double breasted street fashion coat.
  • Double-breasted coat, street fashion.

Collar And Lapels

Large lapels are suitable for tall girls or those who have a pronounced dramatic appearance. If you are miniature or medium height, and have a discreet appearance, choose a suit with the smallest collar and lapels.

  • This is the suit with a small collar and lapels in street fashion.
  • Little collar and lapels, street fashion.
  • Fashionable coats with a large collar and lapels.
  • Large collar and lapels.


Beware of suit with patch pockets. Such pockets create additional horizontal lines intersecting your body – you get a broad effect. Pockets in the hip area will visually make them bigger. Therefore, avoid them if you have a triangle-bottom-down shape. Pockets in the waist area are contraindicated for women with the type of figure “oval”, “stable rectangle”, “triangle with the base up.”

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