The main pieces that every man’s wardrobe must have

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They say that every alpha male does not need to walk to the last cry of fashion to be irresistible to women, but there is never enough to have basic clothes that help this purpose. While you could accumulate a lot of clothes in the closet, you may have some favourite pieces, even some that would never let go.

But do you have the right and essential parts? That’s why here we present the best clothing essential for every modern man:

  1. Coat and jacket to cover you in times of cold

In the winter season, our outfits should be up to the times, not only to see us well but to be able to keep warm and warm for when the cold weather attacks.

So it is important to have ready a jacket, jacket, sweater and any number of coats to wear during the season. A classic coat is indispensable in your wardrobe, you can get it in different sizes: lengths to the knee, a little less, are those of wool and those that have very striking details on the neck.

There are also hooded jackets are back and they have stayed with us, be sure that you can not miss in your closet because they will give you the look that you are looking for. Now, the blue tones of these jackets are the ones that are beating the style, so if you are thinking of acquiring one of these it is better that you do it in these striking tones.

The colours that are most used are the dark ones: navy blue and black; But, if you can try a grey shade for sure you will not regret it either. In 833 Police you can find from the most classic models to the latest.

Guido Black Regular Fit Duckdown Hooded Jacket

Santi Jet Black Jacket

  1. White shirt

The basics of basic, both for men and women, a white shirt can never be missing in your closet since it is the classic par excellence that you should look and that will make you much more elegant. Do not worry if you want to buy more than one, just try to be different models, there are sports and neck, you can play with the models, so you can combine them with Jeans or dress pants.

883 Police offer shirts of all colours and models. This model that we show you below is comfortable and you can combine them as much as with jeans as with trousers of dress.

                                                                 Sorra White Short Sleeve Shirt

  1. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are still a winter coat ideal, especially for more rocker looks. One more possibility to go warm along with the classic coats or coats.

A very current way of combining them is with jeans, slippers and a sweater under the jacket. Thus we get a casual and casual look.

In the case of the jackets, we must be a little more careful. We recommend you have two, one smooth and one more rock, the smooth you can combine with formal clothes and rocker with a casual look. Besides looking good, the latter will make you look much younger.

883 Police offer the typical denim leather jacket with multi-functional pockets and are ideal for you to always have a rebellious and disinterested air.

Jace Black Leather Jacket

  1. Blue jean of denim

Look ideal for a casual outing can start with blue jeans denim jeans. You can combine it with white, plaid or plain shirts of any colour. It is perfect to get out of trouble. 883 has lots of jeans of all the models and colours here we show some:

                                                                         Cassady LA 397 Jeans

Cassady AI 361 Jeans

Victor M369 Jeans



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