The invention that made a difference- Moissanite rings

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If your grand day is ahead and you are still not sure about how to make that special, there is a suggestion for you- make a difference. Away from the massive rush for diamonds and sapphires, you can choose a gemstone that hasn’t yet taken over the crowd and is still a new thing for everyone. It also saves the problem of your budgetary issues, if any, because it comes at way lesser price compared to diamonds and other gemstones. But the less price never counts less on the quality or texture. It is equally a gem like others, and this extraordinarily beautiful gemstone is moissanite. This is a gemstone discovered in 1893 by Henri Moisan, who had mistaken it to be diamond initially. However, after proper analysis in the laboratory, he found that it was Silicon carbide (SiC). He carved out the land of Arizona and discovered these shiny crystals of SiC, which he suspected to be a part of a meteorite that might have fallen in the area of Arizona. Later these bright crystals of Silicon carbide came into the broad light and were known as moissanite, after the name of the inventor. Moissanite rings have been one of the classiest categories of rings that have taken over the craze of diamonds to a considerable extent. Especially if it is your wedding or engagement, you can surely choose to allure your partner with an excellent piece of this beauty from the endless collection of moissanite engagement rings. These rings are as beautiful as any other rings that you might have chosen for your partner at your wedding, but luckily it is less pricey and never looks or feels less unique than a diamond.

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More or less on every special occasion like engagement, weddings, anniversaries, the most enticing things that catch everyone’s attention is the gifted ring. It is not mandatory that it always has to be highly expensive. Spending a lesser amount can fetch you with the equal love and surprises that you might have wanted to surprise your partner with. It is a known fact that diamond is among the scintillating gemstones on the planet and people die for the shine and luster it offers. But, what if the same properties are stuffed in a gem and still cost lesser? Doesn’t it sound alluring? This is precisely what moissanite rings can bring you to. These rings are a complete package of surprises and beautiful aura of glitter and shine that dazzles more in daylight. You can never get over the beauty of this stone, which is bare eyes. It can never be distinguished from a 1.0-carat diamond. However, the rarity of this mineral has prohibited the carving of jewelry out of it. To cope with the increasing demand and craze of this gemstone, the laboratory-made moissanite is now taking up places in the market. The lab-made moissanite is no less beautiful than the naturally occurring moissanite in terms of appearance. The composition is sure to differ, though.

Moissanite Engagement Rings Are The Popular Diamond Alternative ...

How are the moissanite rings standing out of line? Know the best qualities of the gemstone

When it comes to the quality of a gemstone, the main deciding factor always remains about the durability, luster, and price. The same is for moissanite.

Composition- Moissanite is a pure blend of Silicon carbide (SiC), and the percentage of silicone remains quite high in the stone. Due to this, the surface of this stone hardly attracts any dirt, grease, or dust. Thus, it is likely to shine brighter than diamond between cleanings and is one of the reasons that it is in such high demand in jewelry-making purposes.

Brilliance– This is the factor that defines the shine if a stone. In the case of moissanite, it tends to absorb a lot of white light and shine very brightly, sometimes more than a diamond. Getting a brighter shine in a lesser amount can be a bonanza.

Color– Moissanite rings, as found in the market, hardly has any color. However, in some stones, there is a slightly yellowish to greyish tinge that becomes visible in daylight. It can be said that moissanite is colorless to nearly colorless.

Hardness– Hardness of a gemstone is judged by the rating in the Mohs scale, where moissanite ranks as high as 9.25. This score is quite high compared to the available gems in the market and is also a strong competitor of diamonds. Diamond has a rating of full 10 on the Mohs scale, and this thus undoubtedly the hardest gemstone on the planet. This hardness of the gemstones contributes to a scratch-free surface of the stone. Therefore, if moissanite rings are your choice, you can get rid of stone scratches for a more extended period of time.

Price– Among all the features mentioned above, the most important and concerning factor lies here. The cost of this gemstone is shockingly in fractions of that of diamonds. A pure quality carat diamond can cost around $10,000 or more. However, classic moissanite costs around $449. If you intend to but the colorless moissanite, you will have to spend a little more, around $1049. Thus, in terms of price, moissanite engagement rings can surely stand out the line of diamond fans.

Apart from the characters mentioned above, there are a few more internal qualities that make moissanite an excellent gemstone. Moissanite is serving great in preparation for different types of jewelry with the increasing craze and demand of this gemstone. Starting from moissanite engagement rings, bracelets, studs, to earrings, moissanite can fit in all desires. The piece of this moissanite jewelry depends just upon the size and type of the stone, unlike diamonds. Thus, if you are really looking forward to creating a memorable event of your life and make your beloved one allured and amazed, get him/her moissanite. Moreover, the price won’t hurt your pocket at all. The shine, the luster, and the brightened look are sure to make your memorable days even better and worth remembering.

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