Shopping for Wedding Jewellery? Here are 5 tips.

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Wedding date approaching soon? Bridezilla in full swing? So much to do and in such a short time; especially shopping! We understand how crazy your days must be, so let us help. We are here to assist you with your jewellery buying decisions. After all, you are the star of the day and all eyes would be on you (and the groom too ;-)); hence, you need to ensure that your D-Day look reflects your persona and style at the best. If simplicity is your cup of tea, go for it. If the bold approach defines your trend, choose the style that complements it. Whatever choice you make, should make you feel confident, comfortable and of course on the top of the world.

Here are some things that we want you to consider while buying your wedding jewellery:

  1. Prepare well in advance

Buying jewellery is a high involvement decision. There are so many things that are to be factored in before you sign the cheque. Consider the color and stitch of the attires you are going to wear, the look you are aiming for, the jewellery design that shall compliment (heavy, light, modern, traditional), Are the designs you are looking for available in stores, what are the related charges, how trustworthy is the maker, etc. Quite much to think about, isn’t it?

Leave worries to us as we specialize in custom design jewellery. The make and the finish we assure is something you can’t ever complain about.

  1. Carrying on the tradition and legacy

Traditional families start collecting precious something for their little princess’s big day ever since she is born. More so, the grandparents, and ancestors pass on their blessings to the bride in the form of heirloom jewellery. This ancestral bridal jewellery often requires restoration or redesigning. We can help you with both. Being a custom design jewellery expert we can help you to repurpose the old heirloom jewellery in a way that it matches present context as well as your style for the day. While doing this, we ensure minimum material loss and all that the essence and soul of the ornament are well preserved.

  1. Plan for all the events

A big fat Indian wedding comprises of series of events. Engagement, Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception… Elaborate as it seems, each of them has a zeal of their own. So when you shop, consider the ideal look for each of the event according to the cultural and functional prominence. We can help you right from selecting or making custom made engagement rings to bridal jewellery collection that provides you with the perfect accessory for each occasion and outfit. Plan carefully the attires, colour combinations, attire coordination’s as per theme/groom’s attire, time of the event and more… So for instance, jewellery for Haldi ceremony can be minimal. For mehndi, you can wear floral or festive designs that are easy and breezy. For the main wedding ceremony, the jewellery will be heaviest of all.

  1. Refer to the celebrity jewellery collection

Celebrities are undoubtedly great influencers. At some point for sure, you must have dreamed to look like your favourite celebrity in a bridal avatar. We can help you make these fantasies come true. Our celebrity jewellery collection includes designs that are inspired by leading film ladies. These designs are trendy and conform to contemporary sensibilities. Simply referring to our celebrity jewellery collection, your imagination rekindles and you can ace your celebrity bridal look.


  1. Make use of a single metal colour

When talking about Indian sensibilities, yellow gold is the best option that complements the wedding day look. Wearing gold on the wedding day is a kind of unspoken rule. If you go through a typical bridal jewellery collection, you will find single metal bling’s mostly made in yellow gold and studded with gemstones. For a modern-day bride, this may not be a definition of the classy look they aspire. Therefore, instead of these classic designs, try custom designs in Kundan, an Indian style which accentuates Indian traditional jewellery quite tastefully.

Consider these things while you buy your wedding jewellery. Be involved in the process; after all, nothing beats the excitement of shopping more so, Wedding Shopping. Dazzle everyone on your D Day. Wish you a happy and sparkling married life.


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