Perfect Gift for a Woman for Christmas

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It’s the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and most men don’t have any idea what to buy for the wife. Here is a suggestion that is perfect – pearl jewelry.

Akoya pearls

Some of the best pearls on the market are the Japanese Akoya pearls. These are:

  • Identically round
  • Equal sizes
  • Pinkish-white in colour

These Akoya pearls are usually used to make the classic pearl necklace. These are pearls usually produced in Japan and also are farmed in parts of the Pacific-Asia area of the world.

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Koichi Mikimoto

In Japan these pearls were first cultured by Koichi Mikimoto. These round pearls were first on the market in the early 1900s after having gone through years of experimentation on farming techniques. Currently the Akoya cultured pearl continue to be a Japanese specialty. Akoya is the name of the type of oyster that is used to produce the Akoya pearl.


Akoya pearls have a beauty that is legendary and they become that way by farming these in the exact water pH balance and temperature. Because of these two needs, the Akoya pearls can only be farmed in certain areas of the world. The farming of the Akoya pearl is started with 1 to 2 round shell beads implanted into the pearl oyster tissue.

The oyster will consider these beads as irritants and will have a reaction that will begin to produce nacre which is the lustrous white coating that creates these pearls. The length of time that these pearls are setting in the water, the more nacre coats will develop making these more beautiful. The bead stays within the pearl and is referred to asits nucleus.

Where to go

To find the best of these types of pearls you can go to where you can find further information.

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