Om and Ah Explains How to Pick a Shirt This Summer

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The summer of 2020 might be the only one in which people won’t be able to go out and show their fashion styles. However, fashion can be practiced at social networks, at home, and in nature. The coronavirus won’t be here forever too.

In this article, the famous British company Om and Ah shares their opinion on what you need to do to be perfectly stylish this season. Check out their Facebook profile and see more about what they suggest in the term of clothing and see some pictures about how the trends are going to look like from their perspective.

Read on if you want to know more about how to pick the best shirts this season:

Choose the right colors

Everyone has their favorite color but these times are going to give you a wide variety of options. Furthermore, you’ll be able to choose shirts with all kinds of mixed colors in them.

Think about a mix of rainbow colors and green, pink, yellow, and all those colors that suggest joy, fun, and youth. Basically, you can do anything you like and not feel afraid like you’re doing something wrong. Anything you do is right at this time.

On top, the shirts that have one color will also always be trending. You need to avoid those ones that have dark and heavy tones, like pure black, dirty brownish, and variants in between. Army colors are out this season. You need to express freedom at this point.

Opt for text messages

Logos and text messages are a hit lately. Pick your favorite type and the material that you love and choose a great text message that will transfer to the other what you want to tell them.

The options are endless. You can write something that will be a message about yourself, you can choose something that will be a message about the world, the society, politics, your favorite band, a video game, or anything for that matter. 

The already made fabric options will give you some of the options that they think are cool. Of course, these ones are always on top of the options because they are popular and trendy. You can choose this option because you know that you’re going out in style by having these messages on yourself. See some interesting here.


It’s the summer so the lighter and more comfortable the material, the better. Opt for cotton most of the time because this is an option that is perfect for the heat during the season. Don’t choose things that will sweat, attract a lot of heat, and similar. Throw away the yoga pants that you enjoyed previously as they create a lot of heat and sweat.

When you’re about to choose some piece that is about following the fashion trends, make sure you combine it with something that will be more relaxing. For example, there are velvet clothes that will be trending this year, but make sure you’re not all covered with it, and you let your skin breathe.

Show more skin

Just like always, or at least just like these few decades, the more skin you show during the hot months, the better for your fashion reputation. Of course, that doesn’t mean to go naked, but make sure you choose shirts that are going to be trendy, yet show more of your body.

Try to find shirts that are sleeveless, and are short enough. Maybe show the belly more, or have a big cleavage which will make a statement. The options are in your court. See more about this on the link:


These are the most important things that you need to follow if you want to find the perfect option for this year’s vacation season. It is perfectly explained what you need to look for. The colors, the materials, it’s all there. 

What you have to know is that this is a time when you need to be brave and enjoy some happy colors and go the way you enjoy the most. There’s no need for special treatment or something that will make you feel uncomfortable just so you can be trendy.


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