Looking for engagement rings in Montreal? Check these pointers!

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Buying an engagement ring is never easy – After all, there are endless designs and styles to choose from. In Montreal, you will find a wide range of jewelry stores, including ones that can get your ring customized as per your design and instructions. You can also check for ready branded collections, such as Atelier Lou engagement rings. In this post, we are discussing the important pointers that matter in buying an engagement ring in Montreal. 

Select the right jewelry store

This is the first aspect that needs attention. Find a local engagement ring store aurora il that’s trusted, is credible, and has a good collection. Many jewelry stores in Montreal now accept online orders, which is also a good advantage, but if you have the time, make sure to visit in person. A good team of staff members and designers can make it really easy for you to buy an engagement ring. Also, the behavior and overall ambience of the store can change your buying experience.

Consider the gemstone

The center stone or solitaire of the engagement ring is probably what will determine the final price, so consider all options. While sapphires, emeralds and rubies are also loved by some, nothing beats the classic diamond for engagement and wedding rings. Diamonds are expensive, but totally deserve the top spot for special memories. There are four aspects of buying diamonds – cut, color, clarity and carat. Cut and color of the diamond matters more than the other two Cs, unless you are hell bent on buying a bigger stone. Talk to the jewelry store and find what fits your budget. 

Metal and design

If you want to get a diamond ring, your best bet for metal is either platinum or yellow gold. Note that the diamond rings and jewelry are actually made in 18k gold and not 22k gold. Also, white gold is emerging as a new choice. The design of your engagement ring is a personal choice. Getting a pronation design is probably a good idea, especially if you want the focus on the diamond. You can also go for a diamond shape that’s unique, instead of the regular round-cut design. Princess-cut diamonds are quite in vogue these days. Ideally, keep the engagement ring as simple and basic as possible. That’s because you would want your beloved to wear it every day. 

Check for a jewelry store in Montreal now to sort designs and styles. 


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