Know How To Shop For The Sapphire Engagement Ring

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So you and your partner have been looking at potential rings to seal your commitment, and you have decided on a sapphire engagement ring. You think this type of gemstone presents the perfect balance between affordability, style, uniqueness and classic appeal that you both are drawn to. The only problem is, you have no idea how to go about actually picking out which sapphire engagement ring you should buy.

If the paragraph above describes a situation similar to the one you and your significant other find yourselves in, fear not. It is relatively easy to shop for a sapphire engagement ring, provided you use one of two main approaches to the problem.Image result for Know How To Shop For The Sapphire Engagement Ring

The first way of going about your shopping, of course, is to browse for quality. This is likely to be the method adopted by most couples, as nobody really likes having to live with a second-rate jewel, especially when it is meant to symbolise commitment and love.

If you do choose this method, however, you need to have a good idea of what your requirements are prior to starting your search for sapphire engagement rings . You should, for instance, know if you want a blue sapphire or a ‘fancy’ one and, in the case of the former, what shade of blue you approximately want, and whether you are open to hues of green or purple. In addition, you should be mindful of the stone’s cut (deep cuts are preferred) as well as of its origin, as they may affect the final price. A treated sapphire should not immediately be off-limits, either, as they can still be valuable and are likely to contain fewer imperfections than ‘pure’ untreated stones of the same sort.

If, however, you are not particularly fussy about the appearance of your sapphire engagement ring and the stone topping it, you can also opt to shop smart. This implies setting a budget (not too low, as a sapphire is always likely to be relatively pricey) and choosing a setting which will potentially highlight even a smaller stone, so that it looks as impressive as it can when worn on a finger. Couples who choose to shop smart rather than go for the best quality should also try to work with a reputable jeweller to minimise the risk of being fobbed off with a fake. There is also nothing wrong with looking around or even going online – do not just settle for the first or nearest jeweller you find!

Another excellent tip when trying to save some money on sapphire rings is to buy the loose stones wholesale, then have them set into a metal band separately. This prevents the usual hike in price which comes with buying from a jeweller, and can allow the couple to save some money on their purchase.

As you see, then, it is not at all hard to shop for your ideal sapphire ring. You only have to know how to begin to go about it and what to look for in each case! Visit today.


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