Jewelry Boxes For Every Need: Tips On Properly Storing Your Jewelry

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A jewelry collection has pieces that hold a lot of sentimental value. The family heirloom passed down from one generation to the next, the beautiful piece given by someone who means the world to you, so many memories come attached to jewelry. Storing them properly keeps them looking pristine and organized for years to come. Just because you have a jewelry box doesn’t mean you can toss everything inside and be done with it. There are Jewelry boxes for every need that helps you maintain their quality.

The Right Place For Storage

Deciding where you keep your jewelry box place a big part in maintaining their quality and reducing the chances of damage. Although many women put their jewelry box on their bathroom counter top, this isn’t advisable. The bathroom has a lot of moisture which can reduce the quality of your jewelry, even when they are inside a protective case. Choose a spot in your bedroom instead where it is cool and dry. These are the best conditions for storing and keeping precious and delicate items.

Compartments For Optimal Organization

Bracelets and necklaces are notorious for getting tangled. This causes scratches and other forms of tarnishing which significantly damages and lessens the value of your jewelry. To avoid these issues choose a jewelry box with enough compartments to keep pieces separated at all time. If you prefer, there are jewelry boxes that also have hooks specifically meant for hanging long pieces to prevent tangling.

Compartments also make looking for specific pieces easy. You no longer have to dig and sort through your jewelry just to find the one you are looking for. Consider the number of compartments a box has and how many pieces are in your collection. It may take a little more effort, but rest assured there is a jewelry box for every need if you know where to look.

Separating Certain Pieces

If you have a vast collection on your hands you will most likely have silver, gold, and diamond pieces. Gold is prone to scratches from hard materials. Invest in individual soft pouches or cloth bags; one for each piece is advisable. Silver pieces, on the other hand, are very sensitive to tarnishing, especially from moisture. Tarnish proof cloth keeps your silver jewelry away from air exposure and allows it to keep its shine and luster for longer.

Also, note that you should keep the jewelry you wear most often at the most convenient spot inside your jewelry box. This makes it easy to access while still keeping them safe from damage.

Keeping Track

For those who pride themselves with a large jewelry collection regular inventory is a must. Keeping track of every piece you own, especially the most expensive ones you have, is the best way to know if any goes missing. Once you notice a piece has gone missing you can immediately take action and trace it.

Anyone with more than a few pieces of jewelry should invest in a good and sturdy jewelry box to keep things organized and safe. Don’t wait until your jewelry get damaged, use these tips for proper jewelry storage.
You’ve bought your jewelry box but how do you use it properly? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Let us show you how to use Jewelry boxes for every need.

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