Insurance Policies That Help Offer Coverage For A Beautician Salon

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A beautician operating out of a salon is also liable to certain specific risks which might result in certain incidents and accidents in the line of business. This is because the nature of the business entails the use of products and equipment on customers thereby making the professionals associated with this line of business susceptible to compensation claims and litigations against injuries suffered by their clients or damages done to either their commercial property or the client’s property.

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Protection against risks associated with the business of operating a beautician salon cannot be obtained from one single insurance policy. A range of insurance policies thus needs to be purchased so that the coverage obtained from them can ensure quick, qualitative coverage in instances of claims, litigations, injuries, and damages.

Some policies which are extremely effective for a business like that of a beautician salon are:

  • Public liability insurance: This policy helps beauticians in four very effective ways and instances like:
    • If and when clients or any third party suffers from a personal injury or even dies as a result of the work done by the beautician salon professionals,
    • Damages incurred to property owned by a client or third party so that the damaged property can either be replaced or repaired,
    • All legal expenses incurred to contest the claims and litigations,
    • All medical fees as incurred by the third party in the line of treatment for any injury caused,
    • Offering compensations for any settlements made provided the same is included in the terms and conditions of the policy.

Even though this policy is not mandated by the court of law or by the rules and regulations governing the operations of professionals like beautician salon, the best interests of the concerned business, make it mandatory to obtain at least this policy.

  • Employer’s liability insurance: The presence of employees working in a beauty salon makes it mandatory for this business to have an employer’s liability insurance. Alternatively, this is also a mandatory requirement of the law and is applicable to all businesses having employees. This insurance protects beautician salon owners from claims arising from a possible injury or illness suffered by the employee as a result of the work that they do for the salon.
  • Product liability insurance: This is a policy which protects the inventory maintained by way of beauty and healthcare products. Any theft, instances of vandalism, shoplifting etc. which result in the loss of a required product is covered under this policy. In fact, the terms and conditions of the policy clearly state that they can either be repaired or replaced. It also covers against any injury suffered by the client due to the use of certain beauty products.
  • Equipment liability insurance: This policy covers all the equipment that are used in the line of business of a beautician salon. Any theft, loss due to misplacement or damage can be successfully compensated for by the replacement of the damaged and contaminated goods.
  • Personal accident insurance: This helps to provide for a steady income during the time when after an accident, the beautician is told to take rest and recuperate and is thus unable to open shop. In fact in instances of illness, injury or subsequent death, this insurance policy covers all medical costs incurred along with a host of other hospitalisation benefits as well as make payments for lost income up to the maximum limit of the coverage given by this policy.
  • Business property insurance: This insurance policy deals with providing compensation for any damages incurred by the commercial property either leased or owned by the beautician salon. Thus it can be used to get repairs done to the concerned establishment from where the beautician salon operates or to replace parts with their completely new counterparts.
  • Motor vehicles insurance: In instances when vehicles are used to facilitate the business of a beautician salon, the law makes it mandatory for the commercial company or establishment to opt for this insurance so that compensations made to third-party claims either for physical injury or property damage suffered can be compensated for.   

The beauty salon offers many specialised services to their clients and in-turn it means a lot to the members of a community. Hence in order to keep the business going and to ensure steady service to the people of the neighbourhood, a beautician salon needs to have a reasonable collection of the optional insurance policies along with the ones which are mandated by the government and the court of law.

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