Important Clothes You Should Wear When Cycling

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When it comes to buying clothes to wear when we go cycling during the winter, it is better not to focus on quantity. It is not about buying a lot of warm clothes, but about going out with the right equipment to feel comfortable when we do a route or a workout.

It is better to buy specific cycling clothing and shoes than multisport sportswear or other sports. A common mistake among beginners in cycling is to use neoprene or mountain jackets to go out with the bike.

Although this clothing is light and protects us from external cold and humidity, it is designed to be used in conditions that are very different from pedaling on the bike. A hiker who walks up a mountain does not sweat the same as a cyclist who climbs a pass or does a trail route.

On the other hand, the thickness of the materials used to fulfill a different function in the same garment depends on the sport it is designed. Neoprene, for example, is an excellent thermal insulator, but it does not promote perspiration. It should not be forgotten that it is not just about not being cold. When you have been on the bike for 3 hours, it is essential to feel comfortable and not feel that you are missing or excess clothing.

These are the essential garments that should not be missing in your wardrobe if you are going to go cycling during the winter months:

Thermal T-Shirt

It is, without a doubt, the essential garment that every cyclist should wear when going out in winter, regardless of whether they practice road or mountain biking. The three qualities that a thermal cycling shirt should have are: that it breathes, warms the body, and does not cause chafing.

The thermal shirt acts like a second skin. These shirts are usually elastic, and, conveniently, they fit well to the body. If you choose a size that is too large for you, pockets will be generated between your skin and the shirt and may not fulfill its function. But do not forget that it is about adjusting to your skin, not compressing you, so you will be very tight and uncomfortable on the bike if you wear a small size.

Perhaps you may think that a thick undershirt with straps or short sleeves can work for this first layer. It may protect you from the cold, but these types of shirts are usually made of cotton, a material that retains more moisture than the synthetic fibers of thermal shirts. This means that the sweat will not escape to the outside, with the consequent risk of cooling due to humidity.

It is advisable to have a thin thermal shirt and a thicker one. Or one with long sleeves and one with short sleeves or a tight technical tank top. In this way, you can combine them with the jersey depending on how cold it is: the thin one with a thicker jersey or the thick long-sleeved jersey with the short-sleeved jersey. We insist: it must be of quality because it is in contact with our skin.

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