How to Style Crocs with Different Outfits

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Who would have thought that by 2022, our social media feeds would be overrun with cute Men Crocs outfit ideas? The once-dorky EVO foam clog is currently having a resurgence as one of the shoes of the year and is a must for any fashionista worth her salt. Here are some costume suggestions to save right away and use throughout the year, whether you’ve been wearing Crocs for years or are just now getting on board.

Pair classic blue denim with simple white Crocs.

Pair your white Crocs with another essential in your collection, blue-wash denim, by treating them the same way you would a pair of white sneakers. You can choose whichever silhouette you choose, such as boyfriend jeans, cropped kick flares, and pants that reveal some ankles that can help balance the big soles of your shoes.

Try to get an all-match outfit.

Mix many pieces that are really similar in colour to your favourite Crocs to create an almost entirely monotone appearance. Then, to bring all those pastels together, add one contrasting piece, such as a patterned T-shirt or a lower in a muted colour.

Black sport HEAD TO TOE

Even if you’re wearing cosy Men Crocs and sweats, the unofficial New York City uniform will always make you look put together and trendy. However, the finest all-black outfits combine several distinct textures and materials, such as a cotton dress with rubber clogs and a quilted puffer coat with a leather tote.

Enjoy your favourite Jibbitz with a graphic tee and a bright crossbody.

For those who don’t know, Jibbitz is the adorable clips you can use to customize your Men Crocs however you want. And how about pairing a similarly graphic top with your graphic footwear? Add a colourful crossbody bag over your shoulder to let a grey t-shirt match the vigour of more vibrant Jibbitz charms.

Choose chic beige Crocs instead of black or white.

Despite feeling much more unexpected and reading as more fashionable than other neutral colours, beige Crocs are just as versatile as traditional black or white. An example is an unexpectedly stylish outfit of silvery grey, white, and black, along with a matching beige bag to go with clogs.

Make your office casual attire feel like it’s ready for the weekend.

If you add a pair of pointy-toe shoes or loafers, a houndstooth outfit and a menswear top handle bag, they look wonderful for casual Fridays at the office. But while still appearing adorable, a pair of Men Crocs helps these work-ready essentials feel more appropriate for brunch with friends.


Yes, you can wear black dresses with long sleeves during the summer. Just stick with trendy fabrics like linen or 100% cotton and team them with softer accessories like beige Crocs and a beachy straw.


Those pale clogs are an excellent investment because you can wear them in the fall with the same styling tricks. Just stick with other neutrals like camel brown, winter white, grey, or even a subdued copper if you prefer to incorporate your summer Men Crocs into a cool-weather outfit.


If you prefer vibrant colours and colourful prints, team the two with some graphic socks and tie-dye Crocs. While wearing patterned pants or other bright top items may continue the motif, a relaxed outfit of khaki pants and a denim jacket may.


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