How to Propose During COVID19

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Since this pandemic struck, lots of couples have had to cancel their weddings. If you were planning to propose soon, you probably had to pause on it while the world determined what this was and how to handle it. If you found yourself in this situation, we’d like to sympathize with you. You are not alone, and we will all get through this.

We, however, also understand that your emotions can not stay hidden forever. So, you’re wondering if there are ways that you can still pop the question now and make it special. The answer is yes. There are lots of unique ways that you could propose to your loved one in your home. If you’re ready to go ahead, purchase your ring from EraGem. Here are some tips to help you choose the best ring for you. You can then use any of the following cool ideas for your proposal.

  • Propose on Your Rooftop

Rooftop proposals are magical. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a rooftop in your building, why not utilize it for your plan? It doesn’t even have to be too fancy. Just order some balloons and flowers online and use them to decorate a space for you both. Don’t also forget to use unique pictures of your relationship and have a speaker on hand to play music. You can then either set up a romantic table for two or make it cozier by going for a rooftop picnic. When the moment is right, pop the question.

  • Propose with The Food

Your partner will appreciate the effort that you put into making this one. You can either make something pleasant yourself or order in a beautiful breakfast and surprise your partner in bed. Heart-shaped waffles, custom made cakes, and even a cupcake that says “Will you marry me” would be perfect for this, and then you can get down on one knee and ask.

  • A Romantic Room Makeover

If your partner is an essential worker and so isn’t working from home, this is the perfect way to sweep them off their feet. Rearrange the room and make as much space as possible and then order rose petals, balloons, string lights, candles, and a banner that says, “Will you marry me.” It would be best if you were extra creative with the design here because you want to surprise your partner. Don’t also forget to use fun pictures of you two in your decorations.

  • Propose with Your Pet

If you are a proud owner of a pet and they’d let you, why not incorporate them into your proposal? You could order a customized name tag and then a t-shirt, bandana, or even a tuxedo with “will you marry me” written on it depending on your kind of pet. You could also teach them a new command which they can do while you get down on one knee to propose.

  • Propose with The Family

If you’re proposing with a family ring then this would be even more perfect! You can put together an elaborate plan where you assign different members of the family a different word from the phrase “Will you marry me.” They can then come up with a way to design it. On the day of the proposal, you can set up a family video call using either Skype, Zoom, or any other video call app that allows conferencing. Initiate the video session and then wait while they display the signs one after the other. It’s a great way to get your family involved in your proposal as a team, and your partner will undoubtedly be more than thrilled.

If you have plans to propose in these coming months and don’t have your ring ready yet, have no fear. We at EraGem have got you covered, and you can order the perfect ring from our online store. It comes with a free resizing, and we’ve been taking deliveries of rings online since 2006. Give us a call today!

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