How to Choose Scented Candles for your Space

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Scented candles should be in your home for some reasons but definitely not to cover up anything you don’t want your guests to notice. These candles should be there to improve your home’s rooms. Fornasetti candles are associated with what you wish to express and your mood. So how exactly do you get the right note and look for the candle that suits you?

Think about your Space

When it comes to scented candles, you don’t want to burn the same candles in every room of your house. You will want to pick a fragrance which matches with your general vibe. Consider your home decor and what you want people to feel when they enter your house. In case your space is all grays and blues, choose herbal scents. Woody scents are perfect for spaces exposed to brick and other shades of red.

Consider Mixing Scents

It is always fine to burn more than one candle at once. Think about a mix of ivy and rose in the living room in the spring because they are fresh. Focus on finding scents which complement each other.

Choose Floral Scents

If you think floral scents are just for women, think again. Try tuberose or lilac when shopping for scented candles. These scents will surely blow you away.

Don’t Hesitate to Experiment

In terms o scented candles, you must be open to a variety of fragrances. When looking for the right scents for your space, try to experiment. This allows you to have a fun-filled experience and ensure you get the right scent that suits that space.

Prioritize your Preference

After striking the right balance, make sure you stick with it. Eventually, it will become a signature that people will remember every time they visit your place.

Choose Natural Scents Over Chemical Scents

Natural candles are manufactured using premium soy wax, essential oils, premium-grade fragrance, and 100% cotton wicks. You will want to buy candles with local and ethically sourced ingredients that are not toxic and free of possible harmful additives.

Some manufacturers may use harmful ingredients like synthetic fragrances, waxes from crude oil by-products, artificial coloring, and lead wicks. Such candles can give off harmful toxins to the air.

Consider the Design

While the smell is a scented candle’s focus, you may also want to pay attention to its design. This way, you benefit from both the scents and aesthetic value. Wherever you want to place the candles, you want them to capture attention.

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