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How Solotica Color Contact Lenses Can Transform Your Eye Color?

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Many beauty experts will use colored contacts to change the look of the models and on-screen actors instantly. No matter how much hairstyling you do, it is the eyes that create that magic.

However, many people often wonder if it is even safe to wear contact lenses, especially colored ones. Yes, if you pick up the contacts from any nearby store that does not have FDA approval you can put your eyes at the risk of losing the vision ability permanently. If you follow your optometrist advice and buy only from reliable contact lens manufacturers that only make customized lenses by following a doctor’s prescription, your eyes are perfectly safe.

The natural finish color contact lenses at Solotica can realistically transform the color of your eyes even when you have a naturally dark eye color into shades of your choice. The technology they use for making contact lenses ensures that there is enough opacity that allows the color transformation to be evident while there is no compromise on the safety of their lenses. The FDA approval on all their color lenses is proof of safety.

Advantages of wearing colored lenses

Cosmetic enhancement:

  • This is the primary reason for which people seek good quality colored contact lenses.
  • Bright colored lenses are no longer in trend and people are looking for natural shades or just enhancement of their natural eye colors.
  • There are enhancement lenses for this particular purpose, but they do not work on the eyes of people who have a natural dark color eye.
  • Optical tint lenses are more suited to dark eye colors because of the presence of the limbal ring.

Vision correction:

  • Prescription color contact lenses are meant to be custom-made to provide vision correction for both nearsightedness and farsightedness.
  • For making these lenses, your optometrist will give the right value of correction required and will also measure your eye shape and size.
  •  Correct measurements are very important to ensure that your vision is not blurry and there is no injury from ill-fitted lenses.

Reduction of glare:

  • Sport tint lenses are designed to help professional athletes by improving their vision in 2 ways.
  • These lenses increase the contrast.
  • They also reduce glare which makes it difficult to see accurately.

Cost-effective cover for injuries:

  • Eye damage that can occur as a result of trauma or infection can affect the appearance of a person apart from their vision.
  • Custom tinted lenses can take care of the appearance part.
  • Thus, the person’s eyes look completely healthy and these lenses help in improving their self-image and confidence.

Some companies have also started making toric colored contacts for people with astigmatism without affecting their visual ability.

You must always consult an optometrist before buying any contact lenses. You should always have safe practices for wearing your lenses and wash them properly with the right solution and keep them in safe sterile lens kits only.

Lastly, sharing contact lenses or buying non prescription color contact lenses from any unknown seller can have serious implications on the health of your eyes. From redness to soreness, from corneal scratches to blindness, the dye in the lenses and improper fit can cause all of these. 

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