Guide to Color Treated Hair Care 

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Whether you dye hair frequently or occasionally, color treated hair requires additional steps to a hair care routine. These are necessary to maintain dye color for a longer period of time as well as keeping hair shiny and healthy looking. Incorporate these 7 easy colored hair care tips into your regular routine and enjoy vibrant, shiny healthy looking hair.

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  1. Wait before washing

Right after using hair color meridian id, wait at least 72 hours before shampooing them. This is how long it takes for dye to completely penetrate the hair shaft and for the hair cuticle to close. If you shampoo too soon after coloring, the cuticle may still be open and that will lead to dye washing out faster. The longer you go without washing, the better result you will achieve.

  1. Choose color safe products

It is highly important to use appropriate products after coloring, it will help to maintain vibrant dye color longer and space out salon appointments. Find a color protect shampoo that best fits your hair needs and do not forget to add color safe conditioner as well. Make sure that products are sulfate-free and safe to use on color treated hair. This harsh element tends to remove natural moisture and therefore dye color from strands, leaving hair looking dull and damaged. 

  1. Apply hair mask

Treat your strands to a weekly hair mask treatment, if you feel a need of even more nourishment apply it more often. To deeply moisturize colored hair apply a color safe hair mask and leave it up to 15 minutes for best results, then rinse it out with cool water and finish off with conditioner. 

  1. Wash less often

Stop bothering your hair with frequent washing and stripping away all the natural moisture. Start by washing every other day, then move on to washing 2-3 times a week and hopefully strands will get used to less often shampooing. This way you will prevent dye color from fading away and maintain healthy shine to your locks. In between washes apply lightweight dry shampoo that will absorb excess sebum and keep the scalp clean. 

  1. Use color protecting treatment

To protect color treated hair from harmful environmental effects and maintain vibrant color and natural shine introduce protecting hair treatment into your regular routine. It will moisturize and protect hair from rain, wind, sun and anything that could harm treated hair. 

  1. Apply thermal protection

When styling color treated (or any) hair it is necessary to use heat protection. Styling tools tend to strip away a lot of moisture and leave hair looking dry, frizzy and dull. 

  1. Get regular trims

Give your strand a fresh start by getting regular trims every 6 weeks or more often if needed. This way hair will look healthy, naturally shiny and bouncy. 

Incorporate these simple steps into your regular hair care routine and watch your locks transform, maintain natural shine and vibrant color. Do not forget to share your thoughts and experience with us @tlabprof_official! 

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