Four Most Unique Watch Display and Holders Every Jewelry Store Should Have

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How you present a watch to clients is what informs their decision to buy or not. The displays and holders you use in a jewelry store Pantego, TX helps to make the time pieces attractive and encourage visitors to buy. Whether your store is new or has been in operation for some time, the following displays will help to drive more sales.

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Watch Display Rack 

Many are those who consider this to be a jewelry holder display. The main difference between the display rack and the jewelry holder display is that the latter can also be used for displaying bracelets while the former is only for watches. The display rack, or custom retail fixtures, is designed with unique semicircles for holding watches that makes it ideal especially for people interested in saving space.

The Watch Pouches 

This is one of the most preferred holders by gents. The holder is very easy to use and ideal for men who love travelling. It takes the form of a pouch that helps to fully protect the watch from damages like scratches and pressure.  The holder is designed using leather to guarantee the user of great style when away from home.

Multi Presentation Box

For store owners who want to display a large assortment of watches, this is one of the top designs to use. Unlike other cases that only work with same type of watches, the multipresentation box allows the store owner to mix the pieces and win more clients who comes to visit. All you need is painting the box in neutral colors to match most of your time pieces.

Pocket Watch Display Case

If you stock some antique collections, this display will bring out the gem in the old pieces. It is created from wood and transparent glass and will greatly appeal to people who want special connection to antique items. Though it can hold more than one watch, it is advisable to only display a single piece and provide its description to your visitors.

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