Finer Details for the Best Trench Coat Now

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Coats are the most striking piece of clothing in any winter look. If it is very cold then, and if we walk down the street, the clothes that are hidden inside are put almost in the background, since the only thing you see is the coat that hides it and warms us. In case of the women’s trench coat this is important now.

The Best Coat for You

That’s why betting on a good coat is, in my opinion, one of the best investments you can make in the fall-winter season. What is the point of having a fantastic outfit on the inside when the slap coat is full of bubbles, dated or has a cut that in no way favors our body type?

  • There are several brands that offer good quality coats. However, there is no doubt that Italian brands and the “made in Italy” label are always synonymous with (much) quality.
  • Chosen the brand, what tips should we consider then when looking for a good coat? There are some that, to be respected, will be synonymous with a great acquisition, which will last several seasons and will not be dated in a short time. 

Here are:

  • When thinking about investing in a good quality coat, make sure you choose a model in a neutral tone, because it matches everything (or almost everything) in the first place. So colors like black, brown, gray or camel are great bets because they are hardly out of fashion. If you already have good coats in these colors, then you can think of risking a more colorful model or even with animal print.
  • Buy a coat that fits your body type, the climate of your area / city, but also your daily needs : if you walk a lot, it is a good idea to buy a warm piece. On the contrary, if you drive a lot, the shorter parts are the best, as they do not easily crumple or catch movements.
  • The taller you are, the longer your coat can be. If you are short, avoid very long models, with very large collars and extra-large buttons.
  • If you are short or slightly overweight, you should avoid models that are too straight whenever possible. A girdle model that values ​​the waist, either by cutting or by a belt, is usually a better bet. If you are tall and have a slender trunk, you can bet on large lapels, two rows of buttons and oversized models.
  • If you have a thin waist and a bulging belly , choose a coat that helps visually create the narrow waist effect. Like? Opting for a single row button design with a slightly waisted cut.

A-cut coats are a good solution for those with pear-shaped bodies (broad hips and thinner torso). However, the model should not be too tight and always end below the widest area of ​​the hip so as not to draw attention to it. If you have a big chest or a little extra weight, avoid tight models (with two rows of buttons) or with large and bulky collars because, as a rule, they make you look fuller than it is, actually.

  1. The thinner it is, the thicker (or thicker) the fabric of the chosen coat can be . If strong, avoid very thick and bulky fabrics whenever possible. Also opt for buttonless and lapel-free models to avoid extra volume in the look.
  2. Before you decide to buy, look closely at the part label and see what material it is made of . In this field, models with a percentage of cashmere or alpaca are usually good bets for their comfortable touch and quality

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