Facial Piercing at Minnesota

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Do you want to try facial piercing? There are many types of facial piercing. It is usually done on eyebrows, nose and other dermal areas except the mouth. It can be done vertically or horizontally using a barbell or a stud. One of the most popular types of facial piercing is bridge piercing. Almost Famous offers the best facial piercings Minnesota services.

After having a facial piercing, the proper regime in taking good care of the piercing is using glycerin soap or soaking it in sea salt water or saline water. It must be strictly done 2-3 times a day to avoid infections on your facial piercings.

Different types of piercings are covered under facial piercings Minnesota services. They include,

Jestrum- It is a facial piercing that goes through the upper lip to the lower lip. Barbells are usually used in this type of piercing.

Nasallang- It is a facial piercing connecting a nostril, the septum, and the other nostril. Barbells are used to do this kind of procedure.

Nick Piercing- A Seattle Piercer Nick Anzalone does it. By using an L shaped bar, it will be inserted through the inside of the mouth and will be going out near the orbital area of the eye.

Chin- The piercing will be done at the lower part of the inside of the mouth using a labret and will be extending up to the outer part of the chin.

Austin Bars- The procedure is about Inserting a barbell through the tip of the nose without interrupting the septum.

Bridge- It is quite risky, and it is done with a straight barbell placed between the eyes.

Nose- It is commonly done using loops or L Bar. The healing process is quite slow because the piercing will go through cartilage and not the flesh.

Eyebrow- It is done using a curved barbell or through a captive bead ring. It starts below the eyebrow and comes out to the upper part of the eyebrow.

Medusa- It is one of the sexiest types of facial piercing. It will go through the septum and the upper lip.

Angel Bites. This type of piercing is placed on the upper lip spaced apart. If the piercing is done on the upper lip, it is called angel bites, and when it is done below the lip it is called snake bites.

Monroe. It is a type of facial piercing placed at the exact spot of the face where Marilyn Monroe has a mole. This kind of piercing is rather an artificial beauty mark.

Cheek- The piercings are like dimples and are placed in alignment at your cheeks. Labret studs are used in cheek piercing.


Facial piercing is now famous and widespread among the teens. If you want to try facial piercing, you must consult a trusted technician using the clean piercing equipment.  If you wish to have facial piercing and if you reside near Minnesota, you can visit Almost Famous Body Piercing.

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