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Everything you need to know about retinol: The ultimate skin lightening product

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Retinol, better known as Vitamin A nourishes your skin richly. But because there are just so many different products it can be well imagined that you have some questions and may find it difficult to choose a product. However, Retinol is included in over the counter skin care products but also in prescription products. Pure retinol is usually more effective than retinol derivatives. Products that contain retinol and prescribed by the doctor contain more active properties and are therefore more effective.

Why is retinol good for your skin?

Vitamin A is important to activate the regenerating properties of skin cells. When dermatologists or other specialists talk about retinol they usually refer to prescription vitamin A. All forms of retinol is effective against wrinkles, an uneven complexion and acne. These should be considered when choosing a retinol product.

  • Prescription retinol products are more effective and work faster
  • In cosmetic products retinol takes longer to become effective but achieves the same long term results
  • Prescription retinol increases the risk of skin irritation
  • Cosmetic products containing retinol are less likely to cause skin irritation
  • You should use Retinol to get the most effective and best results

How to use prescription retinol?

Prescription retinol should be incorporated into your evening skin care routine as follows.

  • As usual use facial cleanser, facial toner and exfoliate with AHA or BHA
  • Then use the prescription product
  • If you use a lightening product you should apply it after the retinoid
  • Use a serum and / or a moisturizing night cream

Other tips for using retinol

Use the prescription retinoid product at the beginning of every other day to get your skin used to it. Give your skin some time to get used to cosmetic products with higher levels of retinol. Once your skin has become accustomed to and responsive to the product you can gradually increase the frequency of use to once a day and use it at bedtime in the evening. Pigmentation can be reduced by using Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum with lightening extracts such as vitamin C, fruit acids, royal jelly or daisies. Prescription retinoid products can be combined with products that contain benzoyl peroxide and that are effective against impurities.

Conclusion: Is it effective to skin lightening?

Moisturizing serums refresh the skin intensively with thermal water or hyaluronic acid. It is channeled into tiny epidermal layers in the form of tiny molecules to bind moisture. Especially products with strengthening peptides and vitamins A and E improve the skin texture with regular use. The skin looks smoother and forms a more uniform shade. Sometimes an emergency serum is needed. Serums with a lot of glycerin make the skin appear plumper and smoother.

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