Different jean styles for Men

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No other clothing is as versatile and universal as jeans. So, how do you find a good fit for you? Well, it will take some experimentation because there are a surprising number of styles, even just for men. This may sound like hard work, but the time and effort is worth it as when you find your ideal pair of jeans, it’s a lifelong love affair.

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While the search continues, you can experiment with several different styles along the way. Denim started to become popular worldwide in 1871 and has been developing for more than two centuries. When you go jeans shopping, you might just have ‘blue jeans’ in your mind, but there is a myriad of colours, detail, fits and washes for consideration. Do not think you have to limit yourself to the same type you wear all the time, as here are some styles that could be a great fit for you:

  1. Straight

Straight cuts are the most common work style with a straight fit which is pretty much self-explanatory. The thigh area is not wide, and the fabric does not widen as it travels down the leg either. No variance, it’s just straight and is suitable for people with an athletic shape.

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  1. Skinny

All the rage now, skinny fit jeans attaches to the body shape, offering a flatter contour. These jeans sit tight in the thigh and calf muscles, narrowing toward the edges. They give the appearance of longer legs and being slimmer, so it is a good option for men with shorter legs.

  1. Slim Fit

It’s very much like the skinny fit but not so tight. They are a good choice for the lower body fit, being not too loose or too tight. Men who are thinner should not avoid this style because they are cut to flatter.

  1. Relaxed

Relaxed fit jeans are the ultimate in convenience with a thigh and calf area slightly larger, suitable for men with wider feet. However, this cut is flattering on almost all types of body shapes.

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  1. Bootcut

If you like the cowboy look, then you have them to thank for this style of jeans. They are designed so that the jeans will fit on top of cowboy boots. They are a great choice for those who are more muscular. Find out more about Farah Clothes at

  1. Loose Fit

These jeans have a lot of fabric on the thighs, hips and calf area, which is deliberately cut loose. They are most flattering for men with a wider lower body shape or anyone who wants to look like a rapper!

So, now you know the different styles of jeans available, try some on for size and see what works best for you. Jeans are a must for every man’s wardrobe as they can be worn for so many occasions. Casual or dressed up, jeans are a staple of the fashion world and probably always will be.

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