Diamonds for name, fame and Luxurious life

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The gemstones have been in use since ancient times. They did believe that the gemstones contributed to their wellness. In modern times, gemstones are purchased by people either because they like it or there is another set of people who are totally consumed by the fact that the gemstones, when worn appropriately based on their astrological chart, could actually bring lady luck to their doorstep. There is enough evidence if not perfect scientific evidence to prove that it could be true.  In this light, the diamond gemstone is believed to represent the planet, Venus.

Properties of Diamond gemstone

Diamond is nothing but carbon in its purest form. The diamond that is mined from the earth is actually cut and polished to get the white color and sparkle that seems to disperse all the colors in the rainbow owing to the refractive index of the stone which is about 2.148. It is a hard stone that measures 10 on the Moh’s scale. You can identify a well-cut diamond easily. When you view it from the back and hold it up to the light, you would be able to view only a pinpoint of light emanating from the cult.  Since Diamond is mined and converted into diamond gemstone employing difficult processes, it is one of the expensive gemstones and the wearer of this gemstone usually enjoys greater social status.

Diamond gemstone for whom?

There are quite a number of people who wear jewelry made of the diamond because they enjoy wearing it and seem to establish their social status and richness. However, in the astrological point of view, it is recommended for persons in whose birth chart the planet Venus is also known as Sukra, is not positioned favorably or is weak. Also, people born with Taurus and Libra as their star signs are advised to wear a diamond always.  People who are undergoing the Sukra mahadasa or Antardasha are the other set of people who need to wear diamonds to enhance the benefits that planet Venus or Sukra/Venus can offer and counter the ill effects that the planet might cause.

Benefits of wearing diamond gemstone

  • It would help enhance the artistic abilities and creativity in you
  • It would help you attract money and wealth
  • It could enhance sexual pleasure
  • It creates a feeling of well-being by driving away fearful and evil thoughts
  • It would open up ways to success
  • It would improve your general appearance offering facial culture, charm, and attractiveness.
  • It would help you have peace of mind.
  • The diamond gemstone is also believed to be effective in curing skin diseases, diabetes, urinary tract disorders, syphilis, uterine diseases etc.

How should you wear it?

Though there are no specifications for wearing diamond jewelry Turquoise bracelets meant for beautifying oneself, and may derive certain benefits by wearing it, in order to derive the complete benefits that diamond as a gemstone offers, it is important to  use a diamond stone that is free of black spots or Dosha, which weighs about ¼ or ½ gram at least. The diamond has to be fixed to a gold or platinum ring and should be worn on Friday. The first finger of the right hand is considered to be the appropriate finger to wear the diamond gemstone ring.

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