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Swimwear has always been a category of clothing where designers become their most creative and expressive. If you are a fashion lover, there is no better choice for type of clothing than swimwear to invest in. Designer swimwear comes from all over the globe, but it is designer swimwear from Europe that really dominates the scene. So, let’s look at some of the very best European designers and a destination you might want to pair it with.

Coastal Spain With a Colourful Roidal

Roidal is best known outside of its native Spain, but that does stop the inspiration and imprint of their home from showing up in the collections. Designer swimwear from Roidal is some of the most respected in the world. Their work is saturated with colour and vibrancy. Some of their best-selling designs like the Canne range are bursting with colour. This makes them perfect for those that want something versatile and free from hectic patterns. But great if you also want something with soul and intensity.

If you are going to the baking hot coast of Spain, there is nothing like a salmon or pink marble coloured Canne Swimsuit. If you prefer a two piece, choose a margarita-esque lime green Brasil Bikini to suit the climate and the scenery. Click here to see the full UK range of Roidal swimwear.

VacanzeItaliane, Queen of the Amalfi Coast

VacanzeItaliane is one of the most amazing new brands to join our range, and is quintessentially Italian. Their work is among the most intense and powerful of those we recommend on this list. This designer is situated in perhaps the greatest place in the world for swimwear design. Not only is it Italian, the greatest claim to fame for any fashion house, but it is also located at the Amalfi Coast. This is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world. Situated outside of the great city of Naples, and a short way from one of the most serene and heavenly spots on the peninsula.

This location is a constant source of inspiration for this company. As you may expect, and leads them to ask questions about what their fans want truly. What colour schemes keep you cool and capture the eye? What cuts are flattering and beloved by the women that will wear these swimsuits and bikinis? What do people really want from their swimwear? These are all answered organically and naturally for any designer swimwear company that is so close to their own customer. The result is some of the most exciting and intense of any kind of beachwear we have ever seen.

If you too are headed to this area of the world, you cannot get hold of anything better than something truly homegrown.

MaryanMehlhorn, Away From The Coast, In The Heartland Of Quality

But now that we have talked about the advantage of being located close to a beautiful coastline. But it must be said that this isn’t the only place to find beauty and inspiration. MaryanMehlhorn is located in a unique place also, but it’s very different to the Amalfi Coast. This German fashion house is located in a town that straddles the German and Swiss border. This is not a coastal spot by any means. Yet, it is a superb place to be as a designer nonetheless. Of all the countries in Europe, none are more famous for quality than Germany and Switzerland. The former engineers its products so very well, and the latter put luxury before everything else in the world.

This is easily the source of MaryanMehlhorn’s superb items. Their fit is amazing, their design cut to be the most dramatic and flattering as possible, and their materials the finest in the world. Take one look at the designs themselves and you will find something stunning to feast your eyes on. Perhaps something you imagine only royalty could pull off, yet here it is, available for you to try right now.

This piece was put together by the creative team over at UK Swimwear, to view the above mentioned swimwear check out the website or just follow the link.

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