Debunking 5 Myths About Lip Embroidery

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It is a given that we all want to look and feel well, from adopting the newest cosmetics trends to acquiring fashionable fashion goods. In reality, makeup embroidery is one of the most recent cosmetic trends to sweep the world. Getting your desired eyeliner look is no longer a pipe dream thanks to this clever approach.

In addition to eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery, many aesthetic studios in Singapore also provide lip embroidery. However, there are those who are sceptical about them. This might be because of the different misunderstandings individuals have regarding such services. Therefore, allow us to explain some of the most frequent misconceptions regarding lip embroidery.

#1: Lips embroidery makes your lips bigger.

Lip embroidery improves the colour and form of your lips, giving the appearance of younger-looking, larger, and more defined lips. This process, however, is not a filler or botox treatment, and it does not increase the size of your lips.

If you want larger lips, this operation may not be for you. Instead, you should schedule a consultation with an aesthetic clinic that offers filler services.

#2: You can’t wear lipstick with embroidery on your lips.

You may be afraid that after having your lips embroidered, you will be unable to apply your favourite lipstick. But don’t worry! This method is designed for people who want a natural lip colour. Thus the colour will be less vivid than the colours found in lipsticks. As a result, you won’t have to give up your favourite lipstick after your lips embroidery surgery because you may use it daily.

#3: Lips embroidery ages poorly.

Many Singaporeans are hesitant to undergo lip embroidery because they are apprehensive that the results will fade with time. Such fears, however, are baseless. If you select the proper colour and undertone, the treatment ages beautifully, and your lips may lighten over time.

However, to ensure you get the desired result, you should hire a trained artist to do the treatment. We recommend choosing a studio with after-treatment photographs so you know what to expect following the process.

#4: You may have your lips embroidered with overlining.

During your lips embroidery operation, you may be tempted to request that the artist overline your lips to make them appear fuller. However, it is essential to realise that lip embroidery is not the same as cosmetics.

Any qualified artist would refuse such a request right away, knowing that overlining one’s lips will result in uneven colour. This is because the skin does not absorb the colour as well as the lips, resulting in smudged lip liner or lipstick.

#5: The end result will be similar to the reference images.

Many studios offer reference photos so their clients can better understand what to expect from a lips embroidery operation. However, remember that everyone’s lip colour and absorption rate fluctuate, so you shouldn’t expect the results to be similar to the reference images supplied. As a result, it is essential to talk with a professional artist before having the operation so that they can mix and match the colours that are appropriate for you.

We hope that what we have provided has alleviated any concerns you may have regarding lip embroidery. However, suppose your fears have been lessened, and you are interested in undertaking this treatment. In that case, you should consult a reputable and trained artist to guarantee the best results possible.

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