Complement your personality, profession with perfect pair of shoes

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The modern man has become more cautious in his style choices. So how can he be behind in choosing the perfect pair of shoes? These days’ people are increasingly categorizing and compartmentalizing things, and similar is the case of the shoes worn by men of various professions.

Be it chefs or bartenders, every professional makes a style statement with their shoes. Unaware of the shoes best suited for a certain profession? Here’s your guide to the shoes worn by various professionals.

The Chef

On any given day the chef does not have the liberty of doing anything else except cooking. So with a profession that keeps him on his toes all the time the shoes that he wears have to be sturdy, simple and easy to get into. The unconventional gusset shoe is perfect for an active chef. The shoes are designed to maximize comfort and are lined with leather to give a sophisticated look.

The Bartender

Another important member of the hospitality family, the bartender is occupied most of the times be it day or night. A punched casual shoe is designed spells creativity and convenience for the bartender during the day as well as night!

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The Dancer

Not all dancers prefer shoes but a double monk shoe would be the perfect choice for a ballet dancer. Their strong, modern cut fused with a classic root makes them a must-have for most dancers. Also, these shoes blend beautifully with a single-breasted white tuxedo.

The Guitarist

This is the profession where formal meets informal. The derby style shoes are best suited for a guitarist as they combine the best of both worlds, casual with classic.

The Art Dealer

An art dealer must be comfortable at all times. A pair of laced casual loafers is apt for an art dealer. Chic and refined are the words that correctly describe the amalgamation of a laced casual loafer with an art dealer.

The Illusionist

An illusionist deceives the eye with the flair of his skill. The medallion oxford shoes are specifically designed for men with a keen eye for detail and they’re well suited for an illusionist.

The Editor

With a mostly sedentary job, the plain casual loafers work best for an editor as it is a timeless, comfortable yet stylish creation and can be successfully incorporated in both official meetings as well as the confines of ones’ cabin. It is an accessory that suits a variety of outfits and occasions.

The above-mentioned professions and shoes are a match as they’re best suited for the given work environment. Tata CLiQ has a wide variety of shoes to offer, do check out the Red Tape shoes. Remember, while picking a shoe, the shoe style is always secondary, what comes first is a comfort. If a shoe looks beautiful and gives you shoe bites or sore toes, the shoe won’t be a keeper. Comfort and luxury should go hand in hand when selecting a shoe.

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