Buying eyeglasses online in Israel and saving money – Few things to consider

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Are you interested in buying eyeglasses online in Israel? If you’ve lately been detected with myopic vision or hypermetropia vision due to which you have been advised to wear glasses, you must be looking for a place to buy eye glasses. While there are both offline and online options for buying glasses, you may choose to buy online in order to reap the benefits of ordering from the comfort of your own home and not having to stand in queues of physical stores.

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For them, customer service is definitely their top priority and they strive hard to offer you with stylish, affordable and high-grade eyeglasses and sunglasses without the usual problem associated with shopping. If you’re looking for a great place to buy glasses in Israel, here are few things that you should consider.

  • Your eye doctor’s prescription will be required

If you think that your old prescription still ensures clear vision through your present lenses, call on your optometrist and get that prescription. In case you think your prescription is outdated, you have to get a new one. The usual eye exams are covered through vision insurance and all you need to do is to check with the vision insurance provider if you have to be certain. Make sure you become well-versed with few prescription terms before you place your order online.

  • The pupillary distance of your eyes will be needed

PD or pupillary distance is the distance in between the two pupils which is generally measured in millimeters. The general distance in between pupils fall between 54 and 68 mm and optometrists take this specific measurement before deciding the eyeglasses. Make sure the optometrist writes down this number on the prescription as this is a vital number after all.

  • Be wary about add-ons

The online eyeglass retailers will often tend to impress you with low-promoted prices and they will seem to offer you everything from anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating and poly-carbonate lens at a very low cost. You should determine what exactly you want and then find out what the retailers would sell for that same model. Don’t always believe that the cheapest is the best.

  • Watch around for grabbing the best deal

While shopping for online glasses, the brand shouldn’t be your top most priority. Even though you may think that brands are better but you never know how good the generic brands can also be. You will certainly come across retailers who will offer you with the best competitive prices and you are supposed to choose from them.

Henceforth, whenever you’re trying your best to get a pair of eyeglasses online, make sure you have all the above mentioned details at your disposal. Ensure buying the best pair to take care of your eyes.

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