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Slowly but surely, diamonds are returning to public favor. This is almost entirely due to the international efforts of organisations and countries to ensure the ethical journey of a diamond, from soil to ring. While there are many labels that may offer the assurance of a diamond’s quality and sourcing, few are as well-regarded as Beyond Conflict Free.

What is Conflict Free?

One of the early controversies with diamonds, as brought to mainstream attention in Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, Blood Diamond, was the corruption and violence associated with diamonds, particularly those mined within the African continent. Conflict Free is a label that uses the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to determine whether a diamond meets the standards of being able to assure that the market of this diamond did not support rebel groups active within certain recognised governments. Unfortunately, as many investigations have discovered, this can be quite a limited definition. As such, many diamonds that are labelled Conflict Free are tarnished with many other faults.

What is Beyond Conflict Free?

Working to assure greater ethical standards than the Conflict Free label, the Beyond Conflict Free Label was created. Developed by diamond company, Brilliant Earth, who began to develop their own diamond standards in 2005 after being frustrated with those already in place. Brilliant Earth Review a wide variety of factors with each of their diamonds. Sourced from Canada, Russia, Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia, they take extra steps to ensure the product they sell is of an ethical background.

In addition to the KPCS demands, specifically those against funding rebel activity, the Beyond Conflict Free label sets out to assure the upholding of human rights, minimal damage to the environment during the mining process, as well as high standards of labor practices. Each mine that the group source from are held to strict standards, each adhering to strict international laws. As a result, they are able to sell each diamond with an acutely represented history, so that the end buyer is totally comfortable in the positive impact and traceability of their purchase.

In addition, the company also has exclusive access to two mines in Canada.

Community Support

Many communities rely on the natural resource of diamonds within their land to live well. By supporting the Beyond Conflict Free initiative, you are also helping those within the community to live a better life. The livelihood of these miners requires the rigorous standards of a strong industry. Therefore, not only can diamonds be free of a moral quandary but they may also support a better world.

Mined & Lab Created

In addition to mined diamonds, the group also offer their own lab created diamonds. They are manufactured, or cultured, to perfectly imitate the quality of mined diamonds. Since they are free from any mining, they come with no moral uncertainty. In addition to classic styles, they also offer a wide range of colored diamonds, which occur rarely in nature and are often far more costly.

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