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Along with the development trend, many men who make their hair look more clammy and neat. To be meet different trnedy hairstyles, various types of hair oils are available on the market such as pomade, wax, gel.

The difference between pomade and clay

Many types of hair oil is not to make us choose in the use of origin. Each type of hair oil has different uses. To get to know each type of hair oil we have summarized it as follows.  


Pomade is a type of hair oil made from oily substance or a kind of wax material (wax) which is then used as a hairstyle arrangement. The use of pomade aims to make hair look more shiny and slick. Unlike gel, pomade does not make your hair dry and pomade allows you to style any hair style throughout the day. Currently pomade has become hair oil that is very popular among men because it proved able to maintain the shape of hair longer than other hair care products. One of the popular pomade products is suavecito pomade.

In general the pomade is divided into two main categories:


Oil-based pomade or oil-based pomade is insoluble in water. Pomade is able to survive for long in our hair when it is applied. Oil-based pomade is slicker and gives a more glossy effect on hair. In use, the oil-based pomade will feel a little heavy on the hair and will leave the rest of the oil after a day spent. To clean it takes 2-3 times shampoo to remove the oil effect. However, oil-based pomade is usually sold at a more affordable price than water-based pomade. This water based pomade is considered friendlier to hair. This type of matte pomade is created so that hair is not greasy but still gets the same natural performance as oil-based pomade.

Water based

Water-based pomade is basically a modernization of oil-based pomade. Because the pomade is water-based, then in use it will feel drier sometime after applied to the hair. In addition, the water-based pomade feels lighter when used. To clean it was enough in once shampoo. Unfortunately this type of pomade usually has more expensive price than oil-based pomade.


This product is relatively new for men hair styling products . Interesting fact is this product actually uses clay material in its formulation. The most commonly used clay material in making this clay is bentonite , which is a natural material formed from the weathering of volcanic ash. Clay serves to make hair look more contained and maintain your hair structure throughout the day. Although made from bentonite these are not heavy when applied to the hair. Clay also has advantages compared to other products, namely: Clay is able to pull the dirt from the hair without making the hair lose the natural oils in it. Clay stimulates the hair shaft and scalp so as to enhance hair growth. Clay is rich in nutrients and minerals that are useful to maintain hair and scalp. Clay can also be a natural conditioner, helping to moisturize and maintain healthy hair.

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